March 14, 2017

Comment Approval

After years of blogging without any questionable or creepy comments, yesterday a spineless coward (Anonymous) posted a hateful comment.

As much as I hate to have to censor comments, it pisses me off that something so ugly would appear on Wandering and Wondering.  Sorry, my friends and readers, but, for the time being, all comments will be moderated.


  1. Did you get that long diatribe about American women? That troll has been absent for quite a while but has been making the rounds in our little corner of the blogosphere for the past couple of days. I just delete that BS when it appears and don't worry about it. There's never any follow-up to it. Probably just a spambot anyway.

  2. He obviously took the Guess Who song, American Woman, literally. A stroke of luck for American women!

  3. UGH... Web trolls. In person they are probably cowardly. It's easy acting like an ass when you're hiding behind a computer screen.

    1. Double Ugh. What a pain it is moderating comments. I think I will just let the comments happen and if troll shows up his cowardly head again, I'll just make a little 'Anonymous' voodoo doll. I've got an incredible collection of hat pins!


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