March 01, 2017


It's one of those days.

Furniture still pushed into corners and covered with plastic. Plastic taped to the floor in all the right areas. My deepest gratitude to the men that installed our hardwood flooring. They shipped away all the grout at the floor line so that the planks could fit under the hearth. Now the plastic tarp slips right under, too. No primer or paint on the wood!

A couple of the deeper notches of grout need priming.

Brushes, rollers, paint at the ready!

Frank is home today, the sun is shining and he is itching something fierce to take his drone out for some flying and filming. The many thermometers in the house are reporting that the temperature is 62, so he threw open the windows and doors. He claims we need to 'air out the nasty paint smell' in the house!  

Cameras are packed, batteries are charging, he's wearing his hiking boots! He hasn't said where we are going, as he gingerly steps over the paint cans and rollers, but he is adamant about getting out of dodge! ( I think he is just adamant about not having to paint! )

The almond trees are in bloom. The wild flowers on Highway 20 are bursting into color. I guess my shoulders could use a rest!

No painting today, folks! We are going hunting for some pretty pictures!

I am out'a here!


  1. Replies
    1. We didn't have wine but we did take a picnic and totally enjoyed the sunshine. Even too tired for a glass of wine when we got home! Went straight to bed!

  2. Sounds lovely. Houses do need a good airing out every once in a while. I hope you end up going somewhere interesting! -Jenn

    1. The house was nice and fresh when we returned. Good morning to open up those paint cans again!

  3. I hope you enjoyed your day! It's good to take a break from all that craziness.


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