March 02, 2017

Karma Is My Friend!

Funny, but NOT!

Do you remember when I shared with you that I paid the registration on my car but couldn't get the tags because it wouldn't pass a smog test. The "check engine" light is lit on the dash, so a smog shop won't even see you. That was in July, 2016.

My husband and grandson used some kind of little thingy to check to see which 'codes' were inspiring the cute little engine to light up. Three codes came up. All three having to do with my gas tank.

After filling the tank, I can drive about 20 miles and the spindle drops down to empty and the alarm goes off telling me the tank is empty. It will happen two or three times in the first 80 miles after filling up!

There is a little sensor on the top of the gas tank that needs to be replaced (approx $300 for the part), a new gas cap (say what!), and another part that is incidental.

What these have to do with smog, I have no idea! My 'owned-his-own-shop-in-the-old-days' husband and mechanic grandson said, "No problem, we can fix it!"

I started pushing to get it done, but you know the old saying, "Nag, nag, nag!"

Driving down to Los Angeles (October), I was pulled over for not having tags. I showed the officer that I had paid the registration but only needed the smog inspection. He gave me a fix-it ticket due by December 31.

I pushed to get the car fixed again, several times. After 30+ years of marriage, one learns to plant the seed, water it and let the sun do the rest. As you all know, though, the weather has been awful and we have had very little sunshine!

Driving down the freeway, my husband got stopped in my car in December. He showed the officer MY fix-it ticket. The kindly officer sent us on our way with a reminder to get 'er done!

January, I paid a $300 fine because I had not 'fixed it' yet. Yup, $300. I told my husband I was going to fix it myself or take it to a shop. I looked it up on You-Tube to see how to change the gas sensor. (Enter swear words here), there is a whole lot of moving big heavy things and colorful tubes and wires, out of the way to get it done.

I showed the video to Frank. His response was gold, "Hell! I can't do that!"

New tactic. Call a shop. Well, Frank has a 'guy'! This guy does all the big work on our cars. January and February pass with me pushing to call the guy!

Yesterday, we drove to Table Mountain to photograph waterfalls. We didn't return until after dark.
About an hour south of town, Frank looked in the rear view mirror and quietly uttered, "Oh, shit!"

Yup! Highway Patrol!

Guess who got a fix-it ticket?

Guess where my car is today?

Karma is sooooo sweet!


  1. Yup! Hopefully, you won't have to worry about this anymore.

    1. Repairs made. Now all I have to do is drive it a little to put some mileage on it, get the smog certificate and the tags are mine!!!

  2. Replies
    1. He even made me dinner last night! I almost felt bad for him!

  3. Oh dear lord, you are singing my song!!!!! Handy husbands can drive you bonkers sometimes. We recently had a "push the project car out of the garage through the snow with the help of four people, get the SUV stuck after driving over top of wife's garden, put car with faulty brake line in garage, look to see that fixing it will involve a lot more than expected, repeat process again, but in reverse" weekend. It got fixed in a couple of hours at the local garage. Sigh. -Jenn

  4. Don't you wish we could just whisper in their ears, "Honey, you are handsome not handy. Let's call a repairman!"

    The list of Hell-I-can-do-that's is piling up!!!


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