March 15, 2017

What Is Your Nature

Two monks were washing their bowls in the river when they noticed a scorpion that was drowning.

One monk immediately scooped it up and set it upon the bank. In the process, he was stung.

He went back to washing his bowl. Again, the scorpion fell in.

The monk saved the scorpion and was, again, stung.

The other monk asked the first, "Friend, why do you continue to save the scorpion when you know it's nature is to sting?"

"Because," The first monk replied, "to save it is my nature."

Mandala by Toni Tona
How did it come to be that scorpions are running our country?


  1. An interesting twist on an old parable!

  2. How indeed. How was a man of limited intelligence able to convince so many people that everything was complete crap and that he, in his infinite wisdom, had the power to fix it? The funny thing is, the places in our country that really needed help...they won't be getting that from him. Those are "handouts"....he doesn't believe in that.

    And so I rant!

    Enjoyed "wandering" onto your blog. Have a great day.

    1. Ranting always welcome here...mostly!

      Thank you for visiting.


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