March 07, 2017

It's Okay Tuesday

Dang gum, but time does fly! Hey, It's Okay Tuesday is back. Airing My Laundry got the idea from Glamour magazine.

Boy, do I have a list of It's Okay's. Been one of those weeks but apparently four years of an anti-depressant regime has finally kicked in!  Yay, there is so much that is okay that wouldn't have been okay three months ago...and that's okay!

It's Okay:

 That even though we had the fuel valve replaced, we had to drive the car around for a couple of days to put mileage on it before the smog inspection could happen.

That on my way to physical therapy yesterday, I was stopped (again) by an RPD motorcycle officer for not having tags.

He laughed when I showed him Frank's fix-it ticket, receipt from repair shop and that I was driving to put mileage on it.

That he was pretty much the cutest cop I've ever seen and was trying to think of something I could do that would inspire him to pat me down.

That the new fuel valve was connected backwards and the gas gauge read "F" yesterday which I mistook for full but it was another F-word and I ran out of gas on I-5 after driving parents around all day.

That I coasted off the interstate onto a very remote (and dark, really, really dark) off ramp. After ten minutes, a sheriff drove by. Once he knew that gas and rescue were on the way and that my phone had a charge, he warned me to stay in the car and keep the doors locked. If any one else should stop, I should call 911 and ask that Sheriff ____________ be called because he only lives a mile from where I was stranded!

It's okay that his warning did absolutely nothing to reassure me that I was going to be alive when the gas finally arrives and he wasn't as handsome as the City of Redding police officer either!

It's okay that I was stuck in the dark, in a cold car on a remote road BUT the hardest part was that I had hijacked two Coors Stubbies from my dad and they were in a bag on the front seat. I was cold, but I sure felt the need for one of those beers. The dilemma was, do I take the ice cold beer outside of the car and risk bad guys and coyotes OR drink one inside and risk an open container offense! Either way, I could have chipped a tooth from shivering, so I chose to abstain.

It's okay that I got the car smogged this morning, got my tags and put them on the license plate, got the oil in the car changed, made an appointment for tomorrow to have cracked windshield replaced all while enjoying a large, hot almond joy latte from Dutch Bros.


 Yup, I am so okay with that!


  1. Humor helps a lot of situations, does it not?

  2. I wouldn't wanna get eaten by coyotes either!

  3. Eek! I'm glad you found understanding cops at least. But I'm sorry you were stuck in the dark and cold. I'd have freaked out.

    1. Actually I was only freaked out when the car started to stall and there were three 18-wheelers right behind me! Once I was off the freeway, I was mostly okay...mostly!

  4. Glad it all worked out! F word.. LOL

  5. Glad you are OK and glad that I got to read this funny post.

  6. Now that it's over you can laugh about it (and so can we :) but I'm sure it was quite scary at the time!

    1. Just scary while on the freeway in traffic. Once on the off ramp, I was just nervous that a car might hit me from the rear. So I made sure to hit brakes all three times a car came off the interstate!

      It is funny now.

  7. Thank gawd you finally got those goddamn tags! You have the patience of Job.


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