April 24, 2017

A to Z Challenge 'T'

A to Z 2017 Theme: Rocks to Throw At A Hero Who Is Up A Tree!

Robin Carr, a well-published author describes a talented author as "someone who chases her hero up a tree and then throws rocks at her."

So, let's find some T-rocks to Toss!

Monday's are akin to the beginning of a story. It's a beginning but not THE beginning. There is some back story. Some of the Tale we need to Take account of, Though much can Tumble Through The cracks. It is the Task of the wriTer to Tell The difference.

Does the reader really care that our hero had Tamales and Too much Tequila for dinner on Saturday night? Not necessarily ( and neither do our co-workers on Monday morning), unless we Turned out To be allergic to corn masa, distilled agave, or Tossed in Trammel for actions caused by over-indulgence of adult beverages.  Tsk! Tsk!

Damn,  Our language is Truly Teeming with T-words! So much so That Trying to read upper case intrusions mid-sentence is Tough...so, this writer is going to forego the mid sentence capital T's in this pos beginning...now!

 Being fond of the name, the writer's hero's name is Toni. That's Toni with an i!

Thundering Thunderbolt, BatMan! Naming the hero one's own name causes Total writer's block, tout de suite!

Correction: The hero's name is Tatiana. She was on the Pep Squad in high school and was a baton twirler. (We don't need to know that....or wait...maybe knowing she is handy with a metal bar might help tweak the plot at the most opportune time!) We do, however, need to know that she was, is and will continue to lean towards the tom-boy side of gender behavior.

Tell me, please. Is Tom-boy politically correct or is "athletic" the more tolerable tag?

Moving on:

Tatiana is a talented translator for the Tactile Systems Technology, Inc (Note to self: Insert Boring Book Disclaimer (This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.)

On a TWA Trans-Atlantic flight from Toronto to Trondheim, Norway, Tatiana  takes a seat next to a tan, tense traveler in a finely tailored Zegna suit.

Attempting to temper his apparent anxiety, Tatiana pulls her trim flask filled with Blanton's Single Barrel Bourbon, offering Mr. Tension a taste. (I searched for a fine bourbon that started with a T  ~  Wild Turkey was all that I could find. That particular brand is the preferred bourbon of 'Toni', therefore, I looked for a less personal alternative!)

He tersely declined. Tactfully, she tipped the shiny flask back, taking a tiny taste.

Not wanting to suffer the tediousness of a long, sleepless flight, Tatiana booted up her Toshiba  laptop to tackle the task of keeping up with email.

"Tactile Systems, eh?"  queried the terse, tense traveler, presenting a glass filled with ice that he had ordered from the flight attendant. "I'll take a bit of your bourbon, that is, if the offer still stands!"

Closing the laptop, Tatiana poured amber liquid into his glass.

"Are you familiar with Tactile?" Tatiana quized, tapping his glass with her flask in a quasi-toast.

"Truth-be-told, I am flying in to Trondheim to tie up a real estate transaction for the new Tactile lab expansion." Testing the bourbon as it titillated his tongue.

Twinkle in his eyes, hand extended, "Terrence Tidwell, but call me Terry."

      Tractably innocent beginning to a tractile relationship, right?

      Possibilities for tantalizing moments, maybe even temporal (gratuitous or otherwise) relations?

      Potential for industrial espionage, Terry threatening thievery of Tactile Systems secrets?
      Could Terry be an air-marshal who saves Tatiana, fellow passengers and top-drawer bourbon from  terrifying terrorists?

     Is Tatiana in trouble with international criminals and Terry is an NSA agent protecting her from foreign transgressions.

 Is Wild Turkey, truly, the best bourbon or should Toni task herself with discovery a new treasured favorite?

Anyone want to traipse along on the taste trail with Toni? 

April 22, 2017

When I Grow Up!

This A to Z Challenge has been a life changer for me.

This week has been a little difficult with my precious granddaughter visiting but I'm still loving every moment. Writing, reading, sharing.

Words are my favorite things in the world, well, not counting my grandchildren, cheesecake, trees and a really good bourbon.

My all-time-favorite book is my big fat Etymological Dictionary. Looking up where and how a word was birthed. When it came into use; how it morphed into other meanings.

As I'm completing these challenges, I had an outrageous epiphany!

When I grow up, I want to a Lexicographer!

I really, really do!

Is 66 too late to return to college? Will my degree in Communication Arts help?

Words are just plain YUMMY!

A to Z Challenge 'S'

A to Z 2017 Theme: Rocks to Throw At A Hero Who Is Up A Tree!

Robin Carr, a well-published author describes a talented author as "someone who chases her hero up a tree and then throws rocks at her."

Being able to tell a good Story is probably one of the most wonderful gifts the universe can bestow on a person. At least, in my opinion. I'd rather have the ability to Spin a Suspenseful yarn around the campfire than have a couple of million dollars. (Not having a couple of million dollars qualifies that as an easy Statement to make!)

One of the challenges for a writer is to put to paper a personality with Soul, Spirit, and a Sympathetic nature but is a little flawed, The rocks we throw help the hero Summon the Spunk to rise to the occasion; to Solicit the Sweat and Strength to learn, to conquer, to Show the reader (and other characters) that they've got the Stuff!

So, if the hero's Shy,  the writer might aim some Situations where leadership is called for. Could be a Small Stage, Such as a town council meeting to a Spacious Stadium.

Say, the hero has Shown up in the story as a Successful, Stable Stockbroker. He is authentic and Sincere, yet begins the story with a wee bit Susceptibility towards Sanctimonious judgements.

What would a good writer throw at these characters to assist in their Shift?

What if the Shy, introverted Sara is tossed into the mix with Sanctimonious Sven?

Hmm, maybe Sven Should be in Realtor instead of Stockbroker? He might have a Segacious Strategy  to build a high-rise commercial building (Surely, for the betterment of the town) on land dedicated by the Settling Founding Fathers for Community Socializing (park and recreation center).

Shy Sara, Stands her ground. She Swallows her Skittishness and rallies the town to take s Stand!

There will be Skirmishes, Sarcasm, occasional Serious Sucking Face. but, Somehow, Sara and Sven will Step up and become true heroes, and, with luck, Score a little Gratuitous Sex,

What would you throw at your hero that assists in growth?

Please, writers, don't put 4 inch heels on a woman who is going to Stroll throw a park.

Just Sayin'

A to Z Challenge 'R'

A to Z 2017 Theme: Rocks to Throw At A Hero Who Is Up A Tree!

Robin Carr, a well-published author describes a talented author as "someone who chases her hero up a tree and then throws rocks at her."

RRRRRRR you ready?

Let's throw those Rocks at our unsuspecting heroes!

Much like 'M', 'R' is a goldmine of delicious words.

The slinging of rocks could even begin with defining the hero!

Is she a Retiring Recluse Residing in Roatan?

Is she a Rebellious Revolutionary Relishing in Random Romps (wink, wink, nudge, nudge)?

Is he Regal Royalty with Repulsive Relatives?

Is she a Recalcitrant Realtor in a Ramshackle economy?

Is he a Radiologist trapped in a lab filled with Radioactive Remnants of WWWIII?

Is she in Retail?

Stop! Enough rocks? Moving on.....

April 21, 2017

A to Z Challenge 'Q'

A to Z 2017 Theme: Rocks to Throw At A Hero Who Is Up A Tree!

Robin Carr, a well-published author describes a talented author as "someone who chases her hero up a tree and then throws rocks at her."

Don't get Quamped about 'Q' words. There are plenty of Quirky ones to go around.

Our "Q" hero, Quinn, is a farmer who lives on the outskirts of the  Quaint town of Boston in the later 1700's.

Minding his own business as he was taking a Quick stroll down to the docks, he heard quite a commotion. (have you ever notice that many a rock as lobbed at a hero while he/she are minding their own business?)

Reaching the harbor and docks, he witnessed Quarrelsome citizens (the Sons of Liberty) disquised as Native Americans, tossing shipping chests into the sea. The crates and tea that the wooden boxes held were quickly becoming Quaggy, some sinking to the bottom of the Boston Harbor.

Personally fed up with having to house British soldiers (Quasi-gentlemen) in his home due to the the Quartering Act of 1765, not to mention taxation without representation and political bullies in powerful positions, Quinn rolled up his sleeves, climbed onto a boat and started tossing crates of tea into the harbor.

His quick action almost made it impossible to use the word Quandary, but I did it anyway.

British Soldiers came to rescue the Kings tea! In Quavery voices, they yelled for the crown to Quit and to disperse. To the angry citizens, the soldiers orders resembled the Queepling of baby ducks.

Difficult to ignore the Quisquos, The American Revolutionary Way...if you owned a rifle, you were Qualified to be a revolutionary soldier.

The war was ugly, as wars are and it wasn't Quick but America won it's independence from England.

Quinn survived the war, sold his farm and with Quivering knees, headed west to Quomodocunquize.

And that, my friends, is an entirely new collection of rocks.

April 19, 2017

A to Z Challenge 'P'

A to Z 2017 Theme: Rocks to Throw At A Hero Who Is Up A Tree!

Robin Carr, a well-published author describes a talented author as "someone who chases her hero up a tree and then throws rocks at her."

Puh-puh-please! Bear with me on this one. I Promised to Participate but 'P' has me Perplexed!

Maybe we should start with Genre.


Pioneer Trail: finding water, hot sun, bad guys, cattle rustlers, ruts in the road-lots and lots of ruts.
Plains Indians: Friendlies, not-so-friendlies,
Posse's; Good guys hunting for the bad guys, bad guys pretending to be good guys hunting down the real good guy, impulse management issues, hitting a moving target with a six-gun from a galloping horse.
Pewter Spatoons: ew! (No Google to look up how to spell spatoons, spetoons, spitoons, sputoons, spotoons?)


Puzzles: Who done it?
Package: What's in it? Where did it come from? Where did it go?
Place: Fog and Mist, Haunted House, Cabin in the Woods, Manhattan Penthouse,

Science Fiction:

Planets: colliding, blowing up, being attacked
Planetary Anomalies: Volcano, Pacific Rim Collapse, World Wide Earthquakes
Para Beam: Light of paralysis
Parenthood Lottery: You get one and you don't!


Passion: His? Hers? Unwanted? Desired but M.I.A? Gone (sad face!)?
Poem: Mysterious author? Threatening? Promising? Anonymous?
Party: Dancing? No dancing? Can't dance because of a hole in the back of your only party dress?


Phantom: Opera, Grand Ole Opry, Cabin In The Woods (beware cabins in the woods!) Corn Field
Pitchfork: Which would probably include Puddles of Plasma!
Poltergeist: Just a tad bit friendlier than Phantom!
Paizogony: Too busy fooling around to see the guy in the hockey mask sneak up on them?

Oops!  Gotta go.

Picking my granddaughter up. She is on a Plane from the East Coast coming to visit Nana!

April 17, 2017

A to Z Challenge "O"

A to Z 2017 Theme: Rocks to Throw At A Hero Who Is Up A Tree!

Robin Carr, a well-published author describes a talented author as "someone who chases her hero up a tree and then throws rocks at her."

Oh my! Now this may truly prove to be a challenge.

Off the top of my head, the most Odious rock that comes to mind, is that the first chapter Opens with Oliver Omitting to the Office Overseer that Obvious Obstacles  were Omitted from the project Outline. On the spot, the Overseer Observes Official procedures and Ousts poor Oliver.

Oliver takes the O train home. Entering the residence and discovers Obscenely intimate and Offensive activities between Mrs. Oliver and with Olin, the Oliver's personal ( and Over Paid ) Oenophile. By the way, they are drinking Mr. Oliver's last bottle of  Chateau Margaux, 1787 (a mere $225,000 bottle that he was saving for retirement).

Mrs. Oliver; Out with her Opals and Oboe but Only the clothing she was wearing when discovered! That would be Only the suit she was born in, though it was somewhat wrinkled from Over use.

Olin the Oenophile: Out with Mrs. Oliver and the cork from the Open bottle into the street.

Obliged to take on another Occupation in an Obscure, remote village, Oliver is forced to take a position on Omar's chicken farm as an Poultry Offal Icer. (yes, Offal Icer a real occupation! Vitally important, for chicken shit must be iced to prevent it from spoilage(...it's true, I read it on the internet!)

On my Oath, this is a true story. Oliver fell in love with an Orthodontist who's violet eyes and wavy hair that smelled like Old Spice.

The two love birds sold the Orthodontic practice, felt Obliged to free the captive poultry providing each with chicken sized RESIST t-shirts and Pro-Vegan ankle bracelets.

They married in an Observatory in Orick, California, each inviting close Sasquatch friends to stand as their Best Man/Men.

They adopted 4 children, though one of the kids was extremely hairy and smelled just a tad better that chicken offal until Oliver purchase a Mango-scented hair conditioner, They Observed a vegetarian life style and lived happily ever after in Oregon growing marijuana and apricots.

Obviously, this wasn't resolved in 6 paragraphs, but the writer took just under 25,000 words to sling, then Obliterate the rocks. There were many Obnoxious people, an Obscene strip joint and drunk cops watching pole dancers, Objectionable confrontations and many a pair of shoes that were ruined in  Poultry Offal prior to freezing.

 Post Script: No redeemable value in reading this book but if you can score a sip of the wine,
Go For It!

A to Z Challenge 'N'

A to Z 2017 Theme: Rocks to Throw At A Hero Who Is Up A Tree!

Robin Carr, a well-published author describes a talented author as "someone who chases her hero up a tree and then throws rocks at her."

Not to get Nasty but 'N' can be quite Nebulous and Negative. Thankfully, 'N' counters with many Nice aspects.

Today's writer may put words to paper, creating a News Reporter working for the New York Times covering National News  in 2017.

Sometimes the biggest rock can seem like a Handout, yet Hold Hidden, foreboding perils.

For instance, what could be better more Newsworthy than a Narcissistic, Nihilistic, Nefarious Nutbag in the White House? The Nepotism alone is Notorious Nonsense.

Our hero is enveloped in a wealth of Nutty events to report. (using adjective 'nutty' only because it is an "N" day but personally believe that erratic, irrational, bizarre, paranoid, preposterous, daft, deranged, maniacal, psychopathic would all be better suited adjectives)

Though monumental, this nettlesome blessing (oxymoron, I know!) may ruin her career, as Nutso 45 (not to mention any proper Names) points a stubby little finger yelling, "Fake News, Fake, News!"

Will our News Reporter be able to sleep at Night without developing the Nightmarish Neurosis of Not waking up, as is happening to many purported persons-of-interest in the  scandal of Nutbag's getting in bed with our National Nemesis?

Will her work be Negated by Nutbag's ignorant minions?

Will Nutbag grab her Nethers? Will his Tweets Needle her, ad Nauseum?

On the flip side, will our Noble hero be Nurtured, her body of work affirmed by the majority of world's citizens who can see through 45's con?

No!  No more 'N's! I've made myself too Nauseated to push forward!

 Please forgive me.
I Nabbed an A to Z Challenge 
due to my recalcitrant Nature to 
Needle the Noodle in the Number 1 Nest! 

Little does Nutbag realize that he is not Nobility residing in an ivory tower. Just a Wanna Be pretending to be king. Wake Up, Nutso, and go home to your gilded tower.

Oops, I did it again!


 (Not Really!)


April 14, 2017

A to Z Challenge 'M'

A to Z 2017 Theme: Rocks to Throw At A Hero Who Is Up A Tree!

Robin Carr, a well-published author describes a talented author as "someone who chases her hero up a tree and then throws rocks at her."

M! Oh you magnificent letter! You possess a Myriad of Stones to throw at a hero!

Most of your marvelous M-bombs are appropriate for any genre...except children's literature.

Most obvious of all:

Murder (Who has been liquidated? Who is going to be liquidated? )

The Mayor?
The Magistrate?
Hero's best friend, Margaret?
Hero's husband, Manuel?
The Maid?
The Stage Manager?

When did the Murder happen?

Twenty years ago?
Two weeks ago.
It's happening now while hero hides under desk of the victim! ("why, oh, why is this happening now, the information is  still being downloaded onto thumb drive")
Will her cell phone ring while she is in hiding?

Murder automatically leads us to  


Who done did it!

Does the writer let the reader know?
Do we nervously shift in our seats every time hero gets close to the Murderer?
Does the hero know but we are left to sift through the clues?
Is hero being hunted by bad guy?
Is the killer hiding behind every door and in every shadow?

Machete? ew!

Was it the weapon of choice?
Unable to locate a Machine Gun for protection is it the only available alternative for hero to protect herself. (nah, smart heroes keep Mace handy...oh, but what if the writer doesn't know that?


Run down?
Magnificent but Menacing?
Inherited just in time to save hero's Mental Health but in need of Maintenance?

Mental Health:

Depression (hero? husband? Mayor? )

Marooned and Moneyless...it could happen!

Meteor Racing to Earth

Mirthless Deputy U.S. Marshall

Does he believe hero?
Does he hunt her down?
Does he find the one-armed man in the creepy Undercover Boss wig?


Planning hero's dream wedding?
Dreading exchanging vows with a Man her father chose for her/him?
Is the groom's nature dark and Menacing  but she falls in love anyway (refer her to Mental Health!)
Do the Mom's hate each other and they're interfering in ceremony plans?
Is Mar-a-Lago no longer available due to an overabundance of NSA agents occupying the  grounds and rooms?
Is hero's marriage failing?
Is someone standing in the way of upcoming wedding (Westboro Baptist Church, Mom, the Mayor)?


What the hell are you doing in the southern hemisphere this time of year?


Are they poisoned?
Is hero allergic to almonds?


Is he blackmailing you; holding the title to your grant hostage until you do his bidding?


Is there a wizard living under your staircase?
Can our hero create chocolate goodies that make even the meanest man's dreams come true?
Does hero's Mad auntie keep putting Men who come courting in jars and storing them in the pantry on the Toxic Herbs shelf?


Did hero take a wrong turn on a back country road?
Did hero forget her map at the creepy hotel as she narrowly escaped out the back window?
As the Moon rises and the Mist Moves in, is all GPS and cell reception lost?
Does hero's Mazda, Mercedes, or Mercury Mountaineer run out of gas Miles from who-knows-where?


Beware the ides...


Too much?
Not enough?
Wrong kind?

Methane Gas

Is Garth eating beans again?
Is there an impending explosion and the clock is ticking?

Men In Black

Is there a black helicopter hovering above hero?
Does a black Cadillac Escalade follow hero into the isolated parking structure?


Hear any howling?
Any scratching on the window?
Will hero put her four inch spiked heels on to go investigate (does she take a wooden spoon for protection)?


Is it written on the back of a napkin?
Inside a matchbook, slipped to you by the Moroccan bartender when you order a Manhattan?
In a bottle on the beach?


Don't walk through it and if you do, don't talk to strange cats or rabbits.
Remember that things are backwards in there and yes means no and no means yes.

Dear M,
I could play with you all day, alas, I have painting to accomplish and furniture to put back in place.

April 13, 2017

A to Z Challenge 'L'

A to Z 2017 Theme: Rocks to Throw At A Hero Who Is Up A Tree!

Robin Carr, a well-published author describes a talented author as 'someone who chases her hero up a tree and then throws rocks at her."

Lobbing rocks at heroes truly depends on who they are and what they do. These attributes define the types of trees they're pushed to climb.

A Laconic Linguistics Lecturer can get lost in a Labyrinth of Legitimate obstacles:

1.  The Lecturer might be Lacerated to the quick by a Zambian professor with complaints about her use of past tenses in the Lozi Language. If he files a formal complaint she could Lose her License to deliver vocal seminars. Would she be tempted to save her Livelihood through illegal manuveurs?

2.  A Loathsome, Limerent stalker, Lurking on the steps of the Library, might be motivated  into Lubricous actions, whisking Linguistic Prof away to his Lair against her wiLL!

A Lionhearted Librarian (Information Technologist for you Politically Correct types):

1.  She might have observed the kidnapping of her rival for the position of Dean of Linguistics on the Lower steps of the bibliotecha!  At first she is Leery of Lending a hand. Later, pushing through the Lily-Livered stage, she could be prompted into action.

2.  Upon informing the Law about the supposed  shanghai of her rival, the Police Chief impunes her statement. She is advised to seek the council of a Lawyer.

A Lonely Lawyer:

1.  Longs to Legally Look after her Lathy client. She must protect the bibliognost from Landing in Lock-up for a crime she didn't commit.

2.  Lawyer Laments that her new client could possibly be the Love of her Life but to act on her feelings could be construed of Lewd and Lascivious actions.

3.  The rules of Client/Attorney relations prohibited further active demonstration of her emotions...must compose self and remain Level-headed. 

4.  Love sick Lawyer could be Led astray!

All three of the potential heroes above have, in someway, had a Lecherous Lift Attendant tossed at them who kidnaps Lovely Ladies from Library steps or Lobbies.

Loyal Readers. what do you think the Likely outcome will be? 

Who will have the Last word?

Have you ever considered a career as a Lithographer?


Paint! Paint! Paint!

Will it ever come out of my hair?

How did it get on my elbow?

That looks like my footprint but I swear it's not!

HEY!  Why is this nail still here and who painted it...

A to Z Challenge "K"

Robin Carr, a well-published author describes a talented author as 'someone who chases her hero up a tree and then throws rocks at her."

A to Z 2017 Theme: Rocks to Throw At A Hero Who Is Up A Tree!

Many stories have a pair of Heroes, much like today's tale of two Kindhearted brothers with a Knack for walking into real live Koans  that make the most devout Buddhist runneth over in Zen bliss!

Kane Kildare is a Kelp Cutter;  Keegan, the younger, is employed as a Knock-up Assembler though he is quite accomplished and Keen on designing and building his own furniture.

Born and raised in the township of Kinvarra, in the south of County Galway, Ireland, the brothers Kildare are 'ar laethanta saoire' (Knocking around on vacation ) in the Greek Isles.

No longer Kids, but handsome young men with the deepest azure eyes in the Emerald Kingdom, and an Irish brogue that inspires action of the most Knackered woman.

Naive Knaves, both, sailed to Greece to seek a great adventure on warm beaches and blazing sunshine, Kept at bay in their homeland by rain and fog.  Kissing lovely Lassies was also high on their list of To-do's.

Rocks to throw at our unsuspecting Gaelic Knights!

Yes, it is K-day but, let's face it. However one spells it, Hormones are the biggest rock to through at young men. Actually, throwing is not necessary. A light toss will do the job!

Knowledge of local customs (or lack thereof):

"Brother! I can't believe my own eyes! Do you see the Knot of winsome women clustered around the “tine chnámh”  in the townsquare?  This is St. John's Eve! Let's jump the fire with the bonnie lasses!"

Unaware, Kane and Keegan walked into the Greek form of St. John's Eve, Klidonas.

Klidonas: St. John's Eve is also celebrated by gathering around large bonfires, men and woman, boys and girls, though 'jumping the fire' in couples is not as common as it is in Ireland. Our boys flirt around, grabbing many a hand of fine looking young women and urging her to leap the flames with them.

Too late to Google Greek traditions....Prior to going out to the bonfires, the unmarried women gather to fill jars with 'silent water', wrap the jars in red cloth then place the jar under their beds. That night, after fanning the waves of passion by the fires, many will dream of their future husband.

Having held the hands of Keegan and Kane while jumping the fire, as well as walking in the woods, Kara and Kineta, experienced passionate dreams of of our Irish lads.

Additional rocks...

Kara's Kick-boxing, Khaki wearing, brothers, Kyle and Kevin.

Kineta's Kingly father with a Killer-instinct for players

Knobby village prophet

Leaky Keel of the get-away boat

Kelp-Forest Cam...no hiding for these boys!

Photo Courtesy of Jim Patterson Photography

Writing and Keeping their marriage vows.

Moral of the story?  Always Google local traditions before venturing into foreign soil...or waters!