August 27, 2008

Maybe its just me....

Okay, I'm already in a mood and my attitude is kind of stinky but did anyone notice the ad banner at the top of your myspace this morning about "Relief for tired parents"? A sleeping drug for children?

I don't get it. When my children were little and they couldn't sleep I held them on my lap and rocked them, or rubbed their backs and sang to them. When my grandchildren can't sleep I hold them and rock them or I go to bed with them and rub their backs and sing a little song. Yeah, I get tired and yeah, I want to go to sleep because I have work in the morning or whatever but god damn it...

Okay, going to take some deep breaths and try to calm down.....Dear Father/Mother/God keep the idiots out of my way today.


Wednesday's are pretty mellow days around here, for the most part, especially since I only work Monday thru Thursday. Wednesday can be kind of a over-the-hump slide day. There are times when I can actually just coast through the day, we could see a couple of patients and get some side projects done.....a day for just cruising. BUT this morning I am in little bit of a state.No, I think this is a full-blown tiz.

Last night in the Democratic convention apparently Hillary Clinton gave a great speech which had the potential for rallying democrats and making it them one. This morning on the Today Show there were several reports regarding the potency of her speech, some comments about what was missing in her speech and then, apparently most important of all and just in case anyone started to believe in her personal power as a woman, there was a segment about her suit and her choices of what she could have chosen to appear and and why she chose what she did.....EXCUSE ME....where the hell does that factor in the program.

Did I turn off the boob-tube too early and miss the part where the fashion experts discussed the choices Dr. David Gipp, a member of the Standing Rock Hunkpapa Lakota (Sioux) Tribe from Fort Yates, North Dakota,President of the United Tribes Technical College could have chosen native american garb or a custom made suit or an off-the-rack suit from Penny's.

Robin Golden the man from Wyoming, whose job is going to be shipped overseas; did anyone discuss why he chose to wear a suit rather than cowboy boots, cowboy hat and levi's and a pearly buttoned cowboy shirt, after all, Wyoming.....hello!

Tomorrow morning will there be any discussion regarding tonights speakers, Bill Clinton, John Kerry, Bill Richardson?

Who cares, who really cares what any of them wear? Why do we insist on reducing women's contribution to the fluff and appearance? I'm telling you, if I wore panties, they would certainly be in a twist....hhmmm, I wonder if I was being interviewed by the glorious reporters at the Today Show if they would want to know WHY my panties are bunched or just what color they are and if I am insured against the Victoria Secret metal tag's potential for blinding me.

August 12, 2008

Be Brave...A Challenge

In a blog by Jessie, inspired by Eleanor Roosevelt's words, "Do one thing every day that scares you" Jessie challenges herself and her readers to BE BRAVE and set some challenges up for ourselves.

Maybe not everyday, but setting up your own guidelines, maybe once a week, maybe once a month.

So, I am ready. I am challenging myself to do one thing each week that scares me but I am not defining "scare" as screaming until my eye balls burst. I'm am thinking I will promise myself to take one step closer every week to opening the Imaginarium Emporium (which excites and scares me) and to physically do one thing each week that pushes my personal envelope.

Of course, being the compulsive consumer that I am, I will have to go out today and purchase a Be Brave journal and special Be Brave pen for my special Be Brave musings.

A couple of weeks ago I went to see a building for lease, a perfect Imaginarium-type structure. Spanish tile roof, a tower, a library and classroom, several little cottages in the back to rent out for art or writers' studios. Big Trees, perfect numbers, on Trinity Street, huge magical trees and about a thousand big giant spiders. Everything I want....except the spiders!

Turns out, it was only the upper floor that was available.....well, that's okay because I still need inventory and a business plan and a couple of interested artists and writers to rent the studios.

So, what is the first thing to do that scares me? I am going to drive to Olive Street and check out a house that is for sale that is close to the main drive. I think I will also call Raymond, a friend of a friend and see if he wants to have coffee and talk about creating an artists' onclave.

Anyone interested in purchasing the French Gulch Hotel and manifesting an awesome creative center?

Human Beings

Yesterday I was wandering and wondering. I love to wander and wonder and wonder and wander.

I am reading several books right now, one of which is The Spell of the Sensuous: Perception and Language in a More-than-Human World by David Abrams. I am thinking the following idea may be from Abrams wonderful little book.

He presents the idea that each of us is a "Human Being", not a Human Was or a Human Gonna Be. Don't you love that? An easy way to remind oneself to be in the moment, I am a Human being, I am a Human walking, I am a Human talking....hey, I am a Human wandering and wondering.....a human....being....

Yeah, I like that.