January 16, 2009

Within...or.....In My.....

I've been tagged......what is cyber tag anyway? Steven tagged me and says I have to answer the following questions....like I do things I "have to!"

5 things in my fridge:

unopened egg nog, a hostess gift from Christmas....think its still good?
lettuce....just in case we get an unexpected visit from a rabbit!
white wine....again for unexpected guests, I prefer red.

5 things in my closet:

a 3' tall doll with orange hair that I had when I was a little girl!
two large boxes of Mitch's writings
dresses...in many different sizes and eras!
scarves and hats and gloves....for those winters when California pretends to be Montana for a day or two.
dust bunnies....wonder if they like lettuce....

5 things in my work supply bag....?
Okay, hard one here....do you mean my teaching bag or my Mary Kay bags?
Can't mean a typical gym bag as the really most extreme sport I participate in is my morning showers and luckily no bags are necessary!

Mary Kay bag:
15 Look catalogs
15 "Invite" booklets
Business cards
Records & scheduling book

5 things in my car:

Rob Thomas cd, love Street Corner Symphony.
Wayne Dyer collection of cd's...can't learn too much about creating my reality!
Mary Kay bag
Travelers bag with sketch pad, pencils, pens, journal and water bottle.
quilt....never know when the need for a nap or picnic will hit and I believe in being prepared!

Okay, Steve says I have to tag 5 other people and I say, "Steve, You are not the boss of me!"