September 30, 2020

Here We Go Again

 You may have read about our fires...again. 

It's just too much on top of everything-else-2020!

We had one day of blue sky and that was the day the Zogg Fire blew up. PTSD blew up to. 

I'm thinking really hard that I'm done living in California. We have a swimming pool that we keep up all year long but can't swim in half the summer because the air quality from smoke keeps us inside. Swimming with N95 mask kind of defeats the purpose of swimming. The temperatures are in the triple digits so going outside and not swimming is crazy!

We are seriously considering relocating to North Carolina; more specifically Pfafftown or Lewisville. Away from the triple digit heat and fires for hurricanes doesn't appeal to either of us.

Anyone familiar with North Carolina? 

Hope you are doing well. Will catch up when done fretting and pacinge!!!

Meanwhile some photos The Guy took this past couple of days.

Photo by Frank Tona

Train trestle over Sacramento River at 9 a.m. Sun was bright red for two weeks, dull orange a bit longer.

Photo by Frank Tona

Big Boy dropping fire retardant. The mountains behind are scarred from Carr Fire of 2018.

Photo by Frank Tona

Photo taken from east side of town, we live on the west side but are not in the fire's path as of this morning's fire brief.

Final photo, smoke at Lassen National Park. Nice to get above it when we've got the chance!

Photo by Frank Tona