October 13, 2017

Thrity Days Post Op

Thirty days in a sling. The only thing I can think of to describe the pain, that doesn't start with an F is 'ow'!

Physical Therapy has started; Range of Motion only (again, "ow") but therapist is impressed. He says they threw the kitchen sink at me with the surgical procedures. Pretty much everything that could be wrong with a shoulder was wrong: torn tendons, detached tendons, torn ligaments, torn rotator cuff and a couple of ripped muscles and even a couple of little bone spurs and bumps that they sanded off (as long as they were in there!).

Trying to do therapy and recovery opoid-free but therapist says recovery is easier when one is not in a lot of pain, so hubby breaks a Percocet in half and I take it with a Hail Mary, an Our Father and light a candle for the Goddess! Covering all my bases!

Good news is I can't wear a bra...YAY!  Can't pull up my own pants, so, unless I am out of the house to visit folks, Physical Therapy or Barnes & Noble, I am in long skirt and commando! Reminds me of the '60's!

All in all, I think I am on the way to recovery.  Therapist is uber impressed with the shoulder's range of motion. I am uber impressed that he has moved my arm in so many positions and I haven't decked him with my right hand!  (See, I do have a bit of self-restraint!)

Recovery is an incredible experience. It is much the same as having a household of guests but without the appetizers! One sees all the things one is blind to unless you are seeing it through the eyes of company. You know, the closet door that is sorely in need of paint, the dust bunnies settling in and around the piano and dust! Lots and lots of dust!

I noticed an incredible number of globes. I guess I collect balls, glass balls mostly but other round items, many of them have their own collections started of dust. We are all collecting dust.

Glass globe, ceramic balls and turquoise beads, all round. (p.s. I read somewhere in the last month that gray walls were out of style, as is purple accessories such as my drapes. I say, "who cares!")

Then I realized that there were more glass globes on the piano. Unequal amount of dust, so I might have brush the feather duster over the space, or maybe thoughtful sister-in-law did it while I was in the bathroom, wrestling with my underwear!

Yes, I watered the plants! Right after taking this picture!

Yup, I do love me some round! Again, there is a large purple globe, so yesterday!  Keeping it, though. I usually have it in my bedroom with...yes, another collection of crystal balls and dust. Every time my granddaughter Katie comes to visit she always writes, "Hi Nana, I love you, Katie!" in the dust. One of the best things in my life.

So, my friends. Recovery is slow but sure but know that I am having a ball while re-cooping!

What do you think of my raw garnet? Grayish stone next to fluorite at top of photo! Cool, huh? Looks like one of the Sand People from Star Wars!!!
Got a great collection of Witches Balls hanging in the windows, too! Several Trees-on-a-globe balls hanging from ceilings here and there.

Sound like a harmless collection or do you think there's a call for a bit of therapeutic assist?