March 02, 2011

Don't Stand Still

My husband often warns people not to stand still too long at our house or his wife will paint them!  I think I just might!

Last December I decided to paint a long dark hall in the house.  I never knew what to do with the hall because it really is dark. If I hang photos or pictures on the walls they would only sit, lost and unseen and eventually gather dust. 'Nuff dust in this house, thank you.

While drawing the color pencil draft of the mural, my 7 year old granddaughter, Alaina, made the comment, "No, Nana, there are enough green trees in the world, that tree should be purple!"

Well, of course it needed to be purple, what was I thinking!

Snow...but what about the plums?

I live in California. Northern California, just south of Lake Shasta.  We had a faux spring this year in February and all my fruit trees sprang into bloom.  Pinks and whites and pinker pinks!  Plums (three different kinds), peaches, a couple of citrus trees and a pear tree that produces the best damn pears in the United States.

Only the pear tree was still sleeping. All the others were dressed for the ball, head to toe!

Then....the snow!  The biggest storm in 8 years.  Guess I'll be buying my fruit this summer!