November 19, 2012

She's BaaAAAaaaaAAaack!

Its been a really long year, Long year. Remember last January when I made the resolution to keep my blog up and write much more often? Funny thing...that was my last blog for the year.

I had a total knee reconstruction which I might add was TOTALLY unsuccessful.  I am still in pain and of course constant debilitating pain is depressing.  I had a total nervous breakdown in April. Not a pretty picture.Oh, then I found out I'd had a heart attack the prior year. I remember the day, I was crying and holding my chest and told my husband that I thought my heart was breaking....guess was!

Hard to spell correctly let alone write clever sentences when you feel like crap, so I've pretty much stayed away from writing anything, well except for a little email I thought might be helpful for someone I love more than my life itself and found out that I am a perpetrator of lies and basically not a nice person. Add that to the pain and depression....yippee...wish I was brave enough to pull the trigger but basically, I am a chicken.  Guess I'm gonna have to wait for someone to drop space garbage on my head  or run a red light and t-bone me...anyone....anyone...anyone.

Okay that explains the past 11 months.  People arguing and putting each other down about politics, family stuff,Parts of the last two years have sometimes made me wish I was adopted, or at least blind and deaf.

What inspired such a loser to get back on the laptop and write?  Poor you, cuz I am about to tell you.

Yesterday I was surfing through Facebook.  Checking out the cute Twinkie cartoons, seeing what friends and family are up to. I saw a picture with a bumper sticker on it. The bumper sticker read, "THE GOVERNMENT IS NOT YOUR BABIES DADDY". It was posted by a dear friend who I really really love. It was "Liked" by a couple of other people that I really really love.  These women who I love so much are also adamant Pro-Life proponents.

You're 14 years old and you just been raped you better have that baby...oh yeah and remember:  "THE GOVERNMENT IS NOT YOUR BABIES DADDY"

You're 16 and just found out you're pregnant and 18 year old boyfriend who swore undying love is heading out to college and is not coming back better have that baby and, oh yeah.. "THE GOVERNMENT IS NOT YOUR BABIES DADDY"

You're living with your boyfriend and found out your pregnant. Your boyfriend decides he's not ready to settle down so he's going to go sow some more wild oats and will catch up with you better have that baby and oh yeah.. "THE GOVERNMENT IS NOT YOUR BABIES DADDY"

I am so angry I can hardly stand still.  How many of these girls and women and many many other scenarios have had to turn to Medi -Cal or MediCaid for prenatal care, for delivery of their babies. How many of these girls and women have been kicked out of their homes and families have turned their backs on them?

If you are going to fight hard to prevent abortions and then post a picture that states:  "THE GOVERNMENT IS NOT YOUR BABIES DADDY" you need to sit down and think again. We are the government. You and Me, and him and her. If you think abortion is murder and want to crusade against it then you better be prepared to help those girls and women raise those babies or at the very least help those girls and women get back on their feet so they can take care of those babies by themselves.

If that bumper sticker is posted by a Christian, than I don't want to be a Christian.