March 24, 2017


Do you know someone with Parkinson's?

Do you have any hints about how to ease symptoms?

Do you know of diets that help with symptoms?

Are there any appliances that can make things easier?

March 21, 2017

Hey, It's Okay

Tuesday, and you know what that means!

Hey, It's Okay over at Airing My Laundry and she's got some amigos who think It's Okay Tuesday, too! You can find links to other optimists there.

It's Okay that I've been awake since 3 a.m. because the rain was incredible. Listening to it, while sitting in the dark was extremely comforting.

It's Okay that I get to spend this afternoon with Brinley. Almost three years old and running over with energy. Guaranteed I will climb the stairs at her house 27 times today!

The massage my physical therapist gave me yesterday was sooooo Okay! Hey, It's Okay!

It's Okay that the great weather machine in the sky hasn't gotten the memo that it is officially spring.

It's Okay, that when I was getting dressed this morning, in the cold, my husband handed me my favorite Penn State sweatshirt. He had warmed it in the dryer for me. Have I mentioned how Okay my husband is?

It's Okay that my reCaptcha is not working this morning and I only got one reply in. There's always later!

Have a great Tuesday, everyone.

March 20, 2017

Reveal Day

Joining the Blogging from A to Z Challenge this year and today is the Theme Reveal Day.

Nora Roberts, a well-published author wrote, "A great writer chases her heroine up a tree and then throws rocks at her."  Or some words real close to that.
After much, well, some, soul searching, I debated between making my theme for this year's challenge Making Yourself Heard due to the political climate. Not sure of the grammar on that phrase but I am sure that I don't mean Herd, I definitely mean Heard. 

Then I realized that I am fed-up-to-here (imagine my arm is 15 feet tall and I am holding it above my head, fully stretched) with politics.

Then I thought of Ms. Roberts' comment. What a great idea, coming up with 26 Rocks to Throw At A Protaganist Who Is Up A Tree.
Can't wait to start!

A TO Z Challenge

From A to Z Challenge

The quote, "Do one thing every day that scares you!" is often associated with Eleanor Roosevelt. There are many who question whether these exact words came from her. She did, however, suggest that new and challenging experiences help us grow and  develop a personal strength.

No matter who said it, I think I am going to do something that kind of scares me. I'm jumping into to the From A to Z challenge this April.

Details can be found on the A to Z's team site. HERE!

Now, it's time to think of a theme because today is the big Reveal Day!

Hmm! Got to put on some James Taylor and crank up the noodle.


One Down...mostly

Family room painting is complete!

The walls look great. The book case, rug, old fireplace screen: GONE!

Plus we flipped the room. Sofa and piano switched places so Frank can grow some plants in the south facing window.

We still have art and family pictures to put up but some frames and some matting need to be changed out. That can wait until we are done painting living room, dining room, entry and our bedroom.

As for the purging; a good start. Got some donation boxes, some stuff in the trash, some stuff to be recycled and (shhh!) a few items to keep until I don't want to keep them anymore. We've even put a couple of items out on the sidewalk and, pfff, like magic it disappears! Love those drive-bys!

Want to see the results? I'm pretty happy, so far. Remember, so art on walls yet!

Drapes are a very dark plum.

The cloth on the coffee table is temporary. I'm searching for the perfect fabric to sew a slipcover over it and Frank ordered glass to fit it.  It is actually a trunk. We're also searching for perfect area rug. In the meantime, Frank can do his Risky Business/Tom Cruise impersonation, though I have to say, it's just not the same with business socks on!

The little octagon table between the chairs will be painted, but I am still contemplating the colors.

We're looking for a replacement to our old fireplace screen, which sadly gave up the ghost last winter.

Since we often entertain large groups of family, the heart is often used for extra seating. Between the piano and brick will one of our large baskets to hold cushions for butt comfort.

Now if I could only get rid of the ridiculous amounts of remote controls!

Back into my painting clothes on onto the living room. Wish me luck, friends, I'm going in!

p.s. Frank rescued his clock...for now!

March 18, 2017

Saint Sheelah's Day

Did you get your fill of green beer and corned beef? I hope you are not hung over, because today, Saint Sheelah's Day, is the big holiday, or should be!

Did you know that St. Patrick was married? Maybe you did, but, did you know that pre-famine, Saint Sheelah's Day was celebrated on March 18, the day after Saint Patrick's Day.

If you are from Nova Scotia, you may have referenced her in March weather.

Courtesy of Irish Central
There is a call to bring her relevance back, not just to Ireland but to women across the world, especially the Catholic world. Read about it on the Mythical Ireland blog.

March 17, 2017

Oh My, Rex!

As most of you know, Frank and I are in the middle of calming our surroundings. We are painting over wall murals and bright colored walls with neutral colors, eliminating the visual noise!

We have run into another dilemma. While we want our environment to be neutral and calming, we don't want boring. We would like a little bit of color.

Maybe a nice bright slip cover over the sofa. A comfy, soft white duvet cover in our bedroom.


Reximus Maximus Aurelius III, our Border Collie! Rex sheds more hair in one week than all four of our old Labrador Retrievers did in a year. He also loves, loves, loves to rub up against the furniture as he walks by it. I think he does it purposely to display his resentment that we won't buy him a couple of sheep to chase around the yard.

We had to remove the bed skirt in our bedroom. It was either that, or wash it every-other-day. I am not going to lift a king size mattress a couple of times a week just for a fashion statement.

Someone suggested to shave him. Shame, shame, shame. His coat is adorable, as long as it stays on him.

Frank will brush and comb Rex. While they're outside, I sweep the floors and vacuum the rugs.

Two hours later, company coming in for a visit would think we hadn't vacuumed in weeks.

We have three choices:

1.  Make slip covers and bed skirts and vacuum and wash on a daily!

2.  Make slip covers in black to camouflage dog hair....ick!!!

3. Buy a couple of sheep for him to chase around the pool!

Three it is!

Comment Maybe

No, Captcha, I am not a robot.

But that doesn't look like a storefront to me.

NO! I'm not a robot.

There was a mountain there, you changed the picture!

I'm not a frickin' robot!

Look, there was a tiny little corner of the sign in that square...

Really?  Now there is a "next"!

That isn't grass. Those were lawns! I'm from California...grass is for smoking, not mowing.

Captcha, you are getting on my last nerve...Hey, it that my address...oh no you di'int!!!

March 16, 2017

Those Books

Fireplace: DONE! Thank you all for your support.

Looks awesome (to me). We choose a really soft white. It is White Flour from Sherwin Williams. It's true, someone actually got paid to think up that name!

On to painting the walls (Lazy Gray...really? I could do so much better naming paint).

Yesterday, all the art came down off the walls; family photos stacked on dining room table  (anyone in Blogsville know the maximum weight capacity for a dining table with 4" x 4" legs?).

Cleared end tables; moved them and couch, chairs and coffee table to center of room.

Then, moving on to the bookshelf!

Remember, 2017 is the year of the Great Purge for me. Getting rid of shit stuff, lightening the load, clearing the space!

Not so easy. First ten books, need, need, need, oh, I love this one, need, need...OMG, how am I going to do this?

What order should they go? What do I toss, what do I keep?

Oldest first? Dustiest, maybe?

Novels can definitely go, well, except for To Kill A Mockingbird and my first editions of Tom Robbins and Jean Auel collections.

Metaphysics...but all those margin notes and sticky notes?

First Edition of Pinocchio is definitely staying. ( Or, I could E-Bay it and replace the sinks in the front bathroom).

Kids books, definitely going...but wait! What will I read to our great-granddaughter when she stays over?

Deep breathe, Toni, deep breathe.

Do I want to spend Act III of my life dusting books that I might never read again?


Why do I want those 'certain' books on my shelves? Is it, so that after my funeral, strangers come into the 'estate sale' and think, "My, my, this dead woman sure was well read," or " an intellectual" or "Whoa, she was frickin' weird!"

Mostly likely, those strangers will think, "There certainly is a lot of dust in this place!" OR "I bet those bookshelves have created permanent grooves in the hardwood floors!"

Hmm, I don't care what those strangers think.

I've already told my kids and grandchildren to take any books they want.

Responses: "Your books are too woo-woo for me, Mom, but thanks anyway!" (Though, last year, he did take all of my ancient Edgar Rice Burroughs books with a big old grin on his face!)


 "Man, Mom, do we have different tastes in reading!"

                   "You're kidding, right? Do you know how many books I have to pack to move to Massachusetts? You can have some of mine, if you'd like!" (To which I responded, "Okay! Thanks!" and brought home about 20 more tomes).

                    "Can I please have this one, Nana! I've heard it's good!"

So, this is the plan. I'm headed over to Office Max to buy 10 boxes. I will fill them up and label them. Donate, (school, church and metaphysical library), Garage Sale, Keep.

One KEEP box for every ten boxes packed. Max.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

(In the meantime, while I'm painting, any of you interested in coming over and dusting off some books? There is wine and cheesecake!)

March 15, 2017

Oh Yeah!

Credit: Black Down Designs/Huffington Post
Americans and friends, I am so proud of you all!

What Is Your Nature

Two monks were washing their bowls in the river when they noticed a scorpion that was drowning.

One monk immediately scooped it up and set it upon the bank. In the process, he was stung.

He went back to washing his bowl. Again, the scorpion fell in.

The monk saved the scorpion and was, again, stung.

The other monk asked the first, "Friend, why do you continue to save the scorpion when you know it's nature is to sting?"

"Because," The first monk replied, "to save it is my nature."

Mandala by Toni Tona
How did it come to be that scorpions are running our country?

March 14, 2017

Hey, It's Okay

Yup, It's Tuesday (again) and Hey, It's Okay! Remember Airing My Laundry got the idea from Glamour magazine.

It's good to have at least one day a week to shrug one's shoulders and say, "Hey, It's Okay!" Though, I have to admit there has been a Tuesday, now and then, when I've screamed, "Hey, It's Okay!" but Hey, it's okay!

Hey, It's Okay:

1, That my daughter and her family are experiencing their first Nor'easter since moving to the east coast. It's a great chance for Netflix marathon or board games in candlelight.

2. Some of our best times when the kids were growing up were nights without electricity, playing games with candles burning and camping lanterns.

3. That my new windowshield is sporting a couple of dead bugs and pollen, at least the crack is gone!

4. That painting brick was the ultimate in tedious because the payoff is more than worth it.

5. That the first gray we picked just didn't work for the walls, so we picked a shade just a tad darker.

Going with the darker gray on right side of fireplace  (Lazy Gray/Sherwin Williams)

6. That the trees the City of Redding planted everywhere smell like cat urine when in bloom. They are in full bloom, everywhere, and it makes the city beautiful...just hold your breath.

7. That I am not the neatest painter and couldn't get the white paint off the bottom of my feet.

8. That my dining room table is covered with books, do-dads and random art and we haven't sat down to a meal for a month...isn't that what the bar in the kitchen is for?

9. That Frank kicked my butt at Jeopardy last night but I'm expecting a remarkable comeback tonight! (Anyone know how I can watch  eastern or central time zone shows ?)

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Make it a good one!

Comment Approval

After years of blogging without any questionable or creepy comments, yesterday a spineless coward (Anonymous) posted a hateful comment.

As much as I hate to have to censor comments, it pisses me off that something so ugly would appear on Wandering and Wondering.  Sorry, my friends and readers, but, for the time being, all comments will be moderated.

March 13, 2017

A Party I Can Relate To

Discovered "Go West Feral Woman" this afternoon.

(Yeah, that's right, I'm still not painting the stupid brick!)

I'm loving her politics and just may become a dues paying member!

Photo by Toni Tona

Chain Gang

Spring is definitely here. Eighty-plus degrees yesterday. On it's way to high 70's today!

Am I out tilling the ground and planting?

Am I laying out on a lounge, baking in the warmth while I read a great book?

Am I walking Rex and Lily on the Rivertrail?

No. I am not!

I am still painting bricks!  Will this never end!!!!

I remember teasing my dad, back in his early retirement days, that retirement was for painting rocks white to line the driveway and picking up aluminum cans along the freeway.

Oh, Karma, you are evil!

Don't get me wrong. The freakin' fireplace is looking great but who knew it would take FOREVER to get into all the nooks and crannies of rough brick?  Also, the masons who built the monstrosity  were (apparently) going for a rugged look because the grout is, well, rugged!

Almost done. Probably by the end of the day (if I get away from the keyboard).

As a part of my procrastination technique, I have been checking out new-to-me blogs this morning. Not just putting off the inevitable painting but needed to ice my shoulder after physical therapy this morning. I discovered some real jewels (blogs not ice!). Of course, I forgot to copy the url's to share with you. Maybe later.

Also visited my usual blog tour. Discovered a new word at The View From The Briarpatch. "Eeyoreness" as a synonym for melancholy! Can't wait to use it in conversation.

Discovered that Debra @ She Who Seeks and Martha @ Plowing Through Life are being blackmailed by Leeanna @ Can We Have A New Witch, Ours Melted but the checks or cheques, haven't arrived yet!

"What a world, what a world."

Anne Marie posted her Life Sound Track over at From My Brain To My Mouth. It's a good one. I wonder if I can pre-order the CD at Amazon!

Procrastination over. Time to paint brick...unless I can think of something else to put off the inevitable swipe, swipe, dab, dab, dab!

Have a great Monday, all!

March 08, 2017

Sound Track of YOUR Life

Several of us created a soundtrack to our lives in 2008.  I revisited it today to see if much has changed. There are some minor tweaks! Here us is the revised edition.

If there was a soundtrack to your life what would those songs be?

Whether it be classical music, rock or maybe a mix? Play along, please. Copy and Paste and make a Life's Playlist.

If there is a scene in your movie missing from mine please add it, after all, it is your Life and your Soundtrack.

Toni's Life's Playlist...(revised) CD Cover

Art by Toni Tona

Opening Credits:
Rocky Mountain High ~ John Denver

Waking Up Scene:
Its a Beautiful Morning ~ The Rascals

Car Driving Scene:

I Can't Drive 55 ~ Sammy Hagar (okay, that was 8 years ago, pre-retirement)!
2017 Revised Edition: Everlast: Saving Grace  Much more appropriate tempo, and I can use all the grace I can get!

High School Flashback Scene:
Hooked On a Feeling ~ BJ Thomas segue into California Dreamin' ~Mamas and Papas

Nostalgic Scene:

Time In A Bottle ~ Jim Croce 

2017 Update: Steamy Love Scene:
Carlos Santana & Sadao Watanabe ~ Chill Out   (put it on loop...oh man!)

Beach Scene:
Jeremiah Was a Bullfrog

Bitter, Angry Scene:
Draw The Line ~ Aerosmith   Hmm, might have to cut this one from the final CD, except that I really like this song.

Break-up Scene:

Hit The Road Jack ~ Ray Charles 
2017 Revised Edition: Anna Nalick ~ Wreck of the Day

Regret Scene:
Let It Be ~ John Denver ~ 2017, finding less and less regrets!

Nightclub/Bar Scene:
Boogie Woogie ~ Tommy Dorsey
2017 Revised Edition: Cupid~ The Cupid Shuffle (to the right, to the right, to the left...) and Walk It Out...That's right, this Nana can move!!!

Fight/Action Scene: More likely to accompany me running into the grocery store to get those special items when I haven't put make-up on or I'm wearing my sweats without bra and undies!
Mission Impossible.....helloooo!

2017 Revised Edition: Ghost Busters (who you gonna call?)

Saturday Morning/Cleaning the House Scene:
James Taylor's Greatest Hits or Patty Griffin depends on the degree of the mess!

Lawn Mowing Scene: (C'mon, you know there's a mow-the-lawn scene; unless you live in a metro area on the 37th floor or own a goat!)
Sweet Home Alabama - Lynrd Skynrd

Sad, breakdown scene:
Forever Love (Digame) ~ Anna Nalick

Happy Friend Scene:
Playing Boney Fingers on the guitar with my kids singing along

2017 Revised Edition: Yo Yo Ma ~ Bach's Cello Suite #1 (Kids all grown up and scattered)

Dreaming About That-Special-Someone Scene:
Dreamin' of You ~ Selena

Contemplation Scene: (While working with clay or painting my walls)
Unwritten ~ Natasha Bedingfield
2017 Revised Edition: Skyline Pigeon by Elton John

Chase Scene:
The Merry Minuet ~ Kingston Trio 

2017 Revised Edition: no chase scene; let it go!

Happy, Holding Hands, Walking Through The Park Love Scene:
Theme from Tootsie It Might Be You ~ Stephen Bishop ...then more cello music!

Death Scene:
Mil Besos ~ Patty Griffin
2017 Revised Edition: Priscilla Ahn ~ Dream

Funeral Scene: Which, by the way, better be a big party on the lake. Bonfire, steaks, tequila!
Poems, Prayers and Promises and Country Roads ~ John Denver

Closing Credits:
Brown Eyed Girl ~ Van Morrison 

2017 Final Revision:  Bloopers at end of Closing Credits....'cuz there is a plethora of bloopers!!!
Coldplay ~ Paradise,  or, probably more fitting,  Business Time by Flight of The Conchords

What is the soundtrack to your life?


Nurturing and supporting each other should come natural.  Why is there so much competition between women instead of cooperation and collaboration?

Are you wearing red today?

March 07, 2017

It's Okay Tuesday

Dang gum, but time does fly! Hey, It's Okay Tuesday is back. Airing My Laundry got the idea from Glamour magazine.

Boy, do I have a list of It's Okay's. Been one of those weeks but apparently four years of an anti-depressant regime has finally kicked in!  Yay, there is so much that is okay that wouldn't have been okay three months ago...and that's okay!

It's Okay:

 That even though we had the fuel valve replaced, we had to drive the car around for a couple of days to put mileage on it before the smog inspection could happen.

That on my way to physical therapy yesterday, I was stopped (again) by an RPD motorcycle officer for not having tags.

He laughed when I showed him Frank's fix-it ticket, receipt from repair shop and that I was driving to put mileage on it.

That he was pretty much the cutest cop I've ever seen and was trying to think of something I could do that would inspire him to pat me down.

That the new fuel valve was connected backwards and the gas gauge read "F" yesterday which I mistook for full but it was another F-word and I ran out of gas on I-5 after driving parents around all day.

That I coasted off the interstate onto a very remote (and dark, really, really dark) off ramp. After ten minutes, a sheriff drove by. Once he knew that gas and rescue were on the way and that my phone had a charge, he warned me to stay in the car and keep the doors locked. If any one else should stop, I should call 911 and ask that Sheriff ____________ be called because he only lives a mile from where I was stranded!

It's okay that his warning did absolutely nothing to reassure me that I was going to be alive when the gas finally arrives and he wasn't as handsome as the City of Redding police officer either!

It's okay that I was stuck in the dark, in a cold car on a remote road BUT the hardest part was that I had hijacked two Coors Stubbies from my dad and they were in a bag on the front seat. I was cold, but I sure felt the need for one of those beers. The dilemma was, do I take the ice cold beer outside of the car and risk bad guys and coyotes OR drink one inside and risk an open container offense! Either way, I could have chipped a tooth from shivering, so I chose to abstain.

It's okay that I got the car smogged this morning, got my tags and put them on the license plate, got the oil in the car changed, made an appointment for tomorrow to have cracked windshield replaced all while enjoying a large, hot almond joy latte from Dutch Bros.


 Yup, I am so okay with that!

March 06, 2017

Living With Blind Sheep

My dad taught me to stay informed, to read, to ask, to weigh. He taught me critical thinking. He taught me that we are all equal. He taught me to respect others and their choices. He taught me that we all start out on an even playing field.

He taught me what 'real' ethics and values were, not just the pretend "Sunday-go-to-church" values. He taught me that being able to quote the bible was not as important as living what the book is trying to teach.

He taught me that history will repeat itself it we don't stay alert and aware.

He taught me that if I bury my head in the sand I will choke to death.

I really wish he hadn't done all of that. I wish he taught me to be a blind follower and not to ask questions and demand answers. 

I wish he had taught me to kick a man when he is down, that starving children are not my responsibility, that women are not equal to men but just objects to be used and discarded. 

I wish he hadn't taught me that affirmative action is not just a legal term but a way of life.

I wish he hadn't taught me that a lie is a lie is a lie, no matter how many people believe it.

It would make these days so much easier if my dad wasn't such a good man. 

Then I could just...

March 02, 2017

Karma Is My Friend!

Funny, but NOT!

Do you remember when I shared with you that I paid the registration on my car but couldn't get the tags because it wouldn't pass a smog test. The "check engine" light is lit on the dash, so a smog shop won't even see you. That was in July, 2016.

My husband and grandson used some kind of little thingy to check to see which 'codes' were inspiring the cute little engine to light up. Three codes came up. All three having to do with my gas tank.

After filling the tank, I can drive about 20 miles and the spindle drops down to empty and the alarm goes off telling me the tank is empty. It will happen two or three times in the first 80 miles after filling up!

There is a little sensor on the top of the gas tank that needs to be replaced (approx $300 for the part), a new gas cap (say what!), and another part that is incidental.

What these have to do with smog, I have no idea! My 'owned-his-own-shop-in-the-old-days' husband and mechanic grandson said, "No problem, we can fix it!"

I started pushing to get it done, but you know the old saying, "Nag, nag, nag!"

Driving down to Los Angeles (October), I was pulled over for not having tags. I showed the officer that I had paid the registration but only needed the smog inspection. He gave me a fix-it ticket due by December 31.

I pushed to get the car fixed again, several times. After 30+ years of marriage, one learns to plant the seed, water it and let the sun do the rest. As you all know, though, the weather has been awful and we have had very little sunshine!

Driving down the freeway, my husband got stopped in my car in December. He showed the officer MY fix-it ticket. The kindly officer sent us on our way with a reminder to get 'er done!

January, I paid a $300 fine because I had not 'fixed it' yet. Yup, $300. I told my husband I was going to fix it myself or take it to a shop. I looked it up on You-Tube to see how to change the gas sensor. (Enter swear words here), there is a whole lot of moving big heavy things and colorful tubes and wires, out of the way to get it done.

I showed the video to Frank. His response was gold, "Hell! I can't do that!"

New tactic. Call a shop. Well, Frank has a 'guy'! This guy does all the big work on our cars. January and February pass with me pushing to call the guy!

Yesterday, we drove to Table Mountain to photograph waterfalls. We didn't return until after dark.
About an hour south of town, Frank looked in the rear view mirror and quietly uttered, "Oh, shit!"

Yup! Highway Patrol!

Guess who got a fix-it ticket?

Guess where my car is today?

Karma is sooooo sweet!

March 01, 2017


It's one of those days.

Furniture still pushed into corners and covered with plastic. Plastic taped to the floor in all the right areas. My deepest gratitude to the men that installed our hardwood flooring. They shipped away all the grout at the floor line so that the planks could fit under the hearth. Now the plastic tarp slips right under, too. No primer or paint on the wood!

A couple of the deeper notches of grout need priming.

Brushes, rollers, paint at the ready!

Frank is home today, the sun is shining and he is itching something fierce to take his drone out for some flying and filming. The many thermometers in the house are reporting that the temperature is 62, so he threw open the windows and doors. He claims we need to 'air out the nasty paint smell' in the house!  

Cameras are packed, batteries are charging, he's wearing his hiking boots! He hasn't said where we are going, as he gingerly steps over the paint cans and rollers, but he is adamant about getting out of dodge! ( I think he is just adamant about not having to paint! )

The almond trees are in bloom. The wild flowers on Highway 20 are bursting into color. I guess my shoulders could use a rest!

No painting today, folks! We are going hunting for some pretty pictures!

I am out'a here!