June 28, 2008

Soundtrack To My Life

Sort of an introduction to me...because you know it is all about me:

Now we can call this blog Soundtrack to my life or we can call it putting off until later what I should have accomplished this morning.....Your call

Opening Credits: Poems, Prayers and Promises ~ John Denver

Waking Up Scene: Its a Beautiful Morning ~ The RascalsCar

Driving Scene: I Can't Drive 55 ~ Sammy Hagar

High School Flashback Scene: Hooked On a Feeling ~ BJ Thomas seguey into California Dreamin' ~Mamas and Papas

Nostalgic Scene: Time In A Bottle ~ Jim Croce

Bitter, Angry Scene: Draw The Line ~ Aerosmith

Break-up Scene: Hit The Road Jack ~ Ray Charles

Regret Scene: Let It Be ~ John Denver

Nightclub/Bar Scene: Boogie Woogie ~ Tommy Dorsey

Fight/Action Scene: Mission Impossible.....helloooo!

Saturday Morning/Cleaning the House Scene: James Taylor's Greatest Hits or Anna Nalick depends on the degree of the mess!

Lawn Mowing Scene: Sweet Home Alabama - Lynrd SkynrdSad,

Breakdown scene: Forever Love (Digame) ~ Anna Nalick

Death Scene: Mil Besos ~ Patty Griffin

Funeral Scene: Poems, Prayers and Promises and Country Roads ~ John DenverMellow

Pot-smoking Scene: (yes, there will be one of those scenes...a little flashback) Summer Breeze ~ Seals & Croft

Dreaming About Someone Scene: Dreamin' of You ~ Selena

Sex Scene: Has been censored from the movie version but as the scene fades away Lionel Richie starts to sing Brick House!!!!!

Contemplation Scene: Unwritten ~ Natasha Bedingfield

Chase Scene: The Merry Minuet ~ Kingston Trio

Happy Love Scene: Theme from Tootsie It Might Be You ~ Stephen Bishop

Happy Friend Scene: Boney Fingers by me with my kids singing along

Closing Credits: Brown Eyed Girl ~ Van Morrison

So, do you think you know me any better?

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