May 28, 2011

Thunder.....oh yeah

Thunder thunder
rumble and roar,
close the windows
and lock the door.

Do you remember this poem from grade school?  Close the windows and lock the door?  Not at our house. 

We are a household that throws open the doors and windows.  We watch and we wait.  We count moments from flash to rumble. Eyebrows raise the closer it gets!  All the better if the hair on our arms and neck stands at attention while the goose bumps race to the top of our heads.

"Open the doors. It is warm;
And where the sky was clear--
Look! The head of a storm
That marches here!
" (Mark Van Doren)

Thunder, glorious to some, damn scary to others.  Gather the candles! Where is that flashlight?
Don't answer the phone...(in the old days of land lines...the lightening could get you). Get out of the tub or the shower!

No fear here. Thunder is therapy. It's rumbles cleanse. The sudden burst of light in the lightening, the salvo, growling low and building as it nears, purging sins and wounds from heart and soul.

"The farthest Thunder that I heard
Was nearer than the Sky
And rumbles still, though torrid Noons
Have lain their missiles by --
The Lightning that preceded it
Struck no one but myself --
But I would not exchange the Bolt
For all the rest of Life ..." Emily Dickenson

Have you ever made a declaration and a sudden clap of thunder attests that, if not God, 
at least the heavens above are in full agreement?  Ah, synchronization of heaven and earth, 
truth and faith!

Did you know that you can make thunder?  We have all done so at one time or another and
 don't even know that we have mimicked Zeus or Thor or even Chaac, the Mayan god of thunder.
Blow up a small paper bag and then pop it. Bang,  the air inside has expanded quickly, 
just as it does when it is heated by lightning. 

Same principle but gods do things so much bigger!


  1. I love this post! Thunder is therapy. Pure magic. Couldn't agree with you more, Observer.

  2. I love a good sky-shaking thunderstorm! I share your love for counting the Mississippis, alligators, or whatever you like between a clap of thunder and a streak of lightning!

  3. Never saw thunder like when we lived in Denver. I remember the front window vibrating from the sound. Seems back then there was competition amongst us kids to see who could get the best hiding spot under the coffee table. I guess we hadn't learned to appreciate the thunder yet.


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