June 06, 2011

Father's Day...a message to Dads.

Father's Day is right around the corner. A day to celebrate Dads around the world. We need to thank Sonora Smart Dodd for launching the idea of a Father's Day.  

In 1909 she was listening to a sermon regarding Mother's Day. Her mother had died and her father had raised her and her siblings pretty much by himself.  She decided to honor him and pay tribute to his courage and sacrifices by celebrating the first Father's Day on his birthday, June 19th. 

She later solicited an official Father's Day but it was not well accepted. People made a joke of it. In 1913 it was made official but wasn't really approved until Woodrow Wilson showed support for the holiday in 1916. Since then we have honored our fathers with a day of their own....but wait...it is only the one day a year, the rest of the year the media invades our homes and portrays fathers, and men in general, as idiots, derelicts and morons. They have basically become the laughing stock of our culture and commercial television!

Fathers on television can't make toast without burning the house down. Male bashing is in.  If aliens landed today, after monitoring our televisions for a year or two, I am sure they would believe the average american male over 21 to have an IQ of about 23....32 max. Then, as they age, their IQ drops drastically!  

Why do we allow this?  What young boy wants to see role models who are good only for their paycheck?  Can't cook, better order pizza.  What about the idiot who goes to Vegas and calls wifey to say he lost his "chips!" Why do we purchase products that portray our men in such dismal light? Young girls are not inspired to raise their sights on men of character and values...according to our media, those men do not exist.

Can we please have some decent television and commercials that sell an idea or product without bashing men, (or women or children!) How about honoring people? What about "at no one's expense" and "love thy neighbor"?

That said.....Have you watched any HGTV lately?  All the men on the shows talk about their dream for a "man cave"....man cave....man cave....man cave!  Each guy wants his man cave....a nice big room where he can be alone with his "man friends" and his "big man tv".  A place where he can shut out his wife and his kids. 

After spending his 40 or 50 hours away from home he wants to isolate himself for his Sunday games and playoffs and whatever else a man cave is for.  Most of these men are also looking for a nice big PRIVATE office space, another door shut on the kids and wife.  

Hey, I like a little down time myself.  Nothing better than a quiet moment of rest and recuperation but, geez, how about staying single and getting yourself a real cave?

If you want to be a father and you have children then sit in the family room with them, let them crawl on your lap, let them ask you questions about why the sky is blue....be a participating cog in the family not a missing one!

Oh, and Happy Father's Day, ya'll!


  1. I cannot agree more, Observer. I would love to live in a culture that ceases the stripping of dignity of all people. I have always been heartily irked by male-bashing. Incensed, really.

  2. Started out thinking pretty good about this message but then the cave!!! wow!!! ...I immediately posted a sign outside my cave that reads ...Wife and children welcome...BYOB!


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