February 11, 2013

Monday, Monday

Gratitude Journal `

I am thankful that I did not post what I had written this morning.

I have been treated for severe clinical depression for almost a year now.  It hurts to be inside of my own head when I have been so depressed and lacking in hope and faith.

Even more painful is to witness your grandchild while he struggles with depression. It hurts to not be able to reach in and show him what a good man he is, what a good soul. It hurts that you can't erase the ugliness and pain he has endured in the past couple of years. It hurts not to be able to erase the self-doubt instilled in him in the past couple of weeks.

Last night I witnessed my grandson the most distraught he has ever been.   I am thankful he wasn't driving last night. I am thankful he was with us.

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