July 10, 2013


Communitatem, Latin for community or fellowship comes from the root, comunis, meaning "common, public, shared by all."

The World English dictionary defines communion as a noun meaning
"1. an exchange of thoughts, emotions, etc.
 2. possession, or sharing in common
 3. strong emotional or spiritual feelings"

The additional definitions are religious based and for the purpose of this writing, I am leaving them out, though I believe in communion with the Divine and, as a Catholic, I receive the Eucharist on Sundays which is also called communion.

"An exchange of thoughts and emotions, sharing in common, strong emotional or spiritual feelings."

What a blessing to have relationships, any relationship, where communion is an aspect of the bond.

Synonyms for communion would include fellowship, harmony, intimacy, rapport, participation, togetherness and, my favorite, unity.

On the other hand, the antonyms read like a late night cop show; antagonism, contention, disagreement, discord, division, hostility. Add that all up, sounds like Disunity!

So, how do we find communion in a relationship?  Do we keep our "exchange of thoughts" to what we know our friends, family or, more importantly, our spouse will agree with 100%?

"Wow, hot outside!"

"You look good today!"

"Did you hear about the fire on the hill?"

"How about those Niners?"

If they ask you, "Hey, what do you think about....?" Do you jump to the defense of whatever you think they are attacking or do you share your ideas, even if you know your ideas are different from their's?

 If you just go along for the ride, keep conversation neutral, tell them what you know they want to hear, what do you think would happen to your soul? Would it wither? Would you wonder about the honesty of their love for you?

If you've asked the question and the response is not aligned with your thoughts about the subject, do you listen and try to understand? Or, do you raise your voice and belittle their response?

Now, A bigger picture.  Take those people, friends, family or spouse who don't have communion. They  swallow who they are and keep it buried for fear of conflict or hostility or Disunity. Now add Community to the mix.

Ow! Sounds like hell to me.

How do we commune with the old guy across the street if we can't be open, honest and ourselves with those we love?  How do we commune with the lady from a different country who dresses different? How do we exchange ideas if we are afraid to open our mouths?

How do we learn?

How do we grow?

I am realizing, more and more, that quiet contemplation with the Divine is, truly, a good idea.  Monks and Nuns have found a place, within, where real communion can happen. If I have questions about God, about Good, about Evil? I can close my eyes and ask God and then listen for the answer.

I have just two more questions, Dearest Creator.
1. Is religion supposed to be an axe or an invitation?
2. What is more important: truth or peace?

Oh, wait, there is a big debate down here about truth, everybody seems to know what it is but me....can you help me out with that too?

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