October 29, 2013

Some Things Are Sacred

When we were kids, our family would head Into the mountains for day trips or weekend camping. I'm talking Rocky Mountains, so the drives were marvelous, the scenes bigger than big, especially in the eyes of small children.

We moved to California as older kids, still not middle school age. We packed everything we owned into a small U-haul trailer and drove; over the Rockies, through the Great Salt Lake Desert, the uninspiring blandness of Nevada, the Sierras, theCentral Valley of California and finally, the Bay Area.

Once settled in California, our family continued our weekend trips. We visited beaches, mountains, rivers, cities and missions.

Throughout all our drives we had a great family tradition.  Some mothers would be appalled but it was sacred to us.

While we traveled we never pulled into a drive-thru for fries and burgers. We carried our own feast! We made the Young Family Sacred Sandwich!   White bread (preferably Wonder Bread), bologna and potato chips.  Oh em gee, they were the best. We loved them. We were never allowed those sacred sandwiches at home but on the open road we sang, we laughed and we feasted!

My husband and I are photographers and October is our special "snap-a-thousand pictures" month. We live for October.  We drive everywhere, cameras, lenses, filters, we pack it all.

Last week as we scouted the mountains west of Redding, I remembered the joy I experienced on those rides as a kid. I was tiring of bananas, soda and spice drops (be careful here, fair warning).

I asked my husband to stop at a little store and purchase those golden ingredients.

He returned with Wonder Bread, bologna and Corn chips!  Really!

Have you ever wanted to row a raft through Colorado River rapids but ended up sitting on a curb with your bare feet in the runoff from your lawn sprinklers?


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