November 14, 2013

Christmas Shopping.....again?

Didn't we just do this?

Can I just get a couple of catalogs and circle what I would give you if I had the bucks?

The economy is still in the tank here in Pottersville, if you know what I mean. Medical insurance premiums ($1389 per month) and medical bills ($5000 deductible each) have pretty much wiped us out over the past two years.

This year our budget is a little thin, about $35 to purchase gifts for 7 grandchildren and my mom and dad. I'm seriously thinking about buying a goat for a family in Africa in my grandchildren's names and calling it good!

Christmas really is one of my favorite times of the year but, frankly, I am really looking forward to the New Year! This year has been a hard one for the whole family. Mom had a stroke in April, Dad was diagnosed with colon cancer in September and my grandson's girlfriend had a miscarriage this summer. The list goes on but that's enough to make my point. Everyone is doing great now but the scars are there.

Don't get me wrong. Some good things happened this year too, but all in all, I am ready to tuck this year into the history books and move on.

My husband and I usually watch the New Year's Ball drop in New York on the television at 9 p.m. here in California. Then we give each other a big Happy-New-Year-kiss and hit the sack! 

This year, we have different plans.

In the movie Practical Magic, the women form a coven of witches, hold a Circle and turn the "bad juju" into dust. Then they sweep it out the door. That's my intention on how to help  the demise of 2013.

This year, I am going to be prepared.  We are staying up to greet the West Coast New Year. When that last minute of 2013 arrives and the countdown begins, I am going to throw the doors open, grab my broom ( actually, it's a Swiffer but that's a minor technicality ). I am going to sweep every bit of 2013 out the door.

10 - 9 - stroke, stroke, 8 - 7 - 6 - stroke, stroke - 5 - 4 - don't forget under the table - 3 - get the corners - 2 - throw the broom down -1!

Lift a glass of Cherry Moonshine and greet the New Year....Welcome 2014!....Make your self at home.

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