August 04, 2015

A Camping We Will Go

Photo by Toni Tona
Yeah, that's right!

California is on fire and hubby wants to go camping.

The PLAN: He gets off of work at 5:30, unless a customer comes in at 5:28 and a customer always comes in at 5:28! So, he will probably get off of work at 6. Come home (play with great-granddaughter because who can resist that smile? Besides, she makes him take her out to the pool and pick a kumquat for each of her little fists. She loves those kumquats, even the ones that make her shoulders shiver!) Then he will change clothes, make sure all the camera batteries, cards, tripods, etc are accounted for and functioning. An hour drive to the campground will put us there just about dusk.

I love setting up the tent at dusk, don't you?

Then tomorrow, before noon, we will break camp (he works on Thursday), hang around the mountains for awhile and head back to the valley before dinner (grandson is cooking chicken enchiladas Thursday evening and we don't want to miss out!).

My husband suggested this same plan for last week but somehow I dodged that bullet. I think I cried and sang a song about no room on my plate for one more thing.....he bought it!

Last night he suggested it again. You pray and pray and pray for your husband to be more spontaneous and you get mini-camping, hurry up and get there so you can get back!  No more praying, well, at least, my prayers will be much more specific.

Don't get me wrong. I love camping. I actually love, love, love camping. The mountains are the most fabulous venue in the world for refreshing the soul. I've just never been a fan of one-night-stands.

Car is packed. Food is packed. Clothes are only mostly packed because I am putting it off by blogging!

I could be gathering the camera equipment, make sure the batteries are charged, make sure the tripods get in the car. I could run to the store and get Frank a new pair sandals to replace the ones that snapped while he skipped slimy rocks in a creek at the foot of Castle Craggs trying to get that 'perfect' photo.

Oops, just got caught by the man himself. He came home to charge the batteries for the camera. Doesn't look like I'm going to be able to use the excuse of "working hard all day to get us packed at the last minute" to get out of a night hike or cooking dinner. 

Off we go, to sleep under the stars (on the rocks we didn't see in the twilight).

Someone call and remind me not to forget the cork screw!

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