August 25, 2016

All Good Things....

Hi everyone,

Thank you all for still visiting regularly. The visit register is still going up in spite of the lack of new posts, and I appreciate the loyalty.

Life is still hitting hard and fast. I find myself stretched pretty thin and living on the edge of sanity. There is little time to write and when I find myself sitting at the keyboard, I find my fingers 'backspace' more that any other key.

I am spending an extremely tremendous amount of time 'wondering' and not much time 'wandering'.

For this reason, Wandering and Wondering is taking a sabbatical. Thank you all for being you.


  1. Looking forward to your return when Life settles down and returns to a more even keel. Best wishes until then!

  2. We'll be here when you get back. Enjoy the break. I hope the dust settles!

  3. I'm with Debra and Martha.
    As ET said, "I'll be right here."

  4. I am sorry to read this and I hope to see you back again in the future. Take care.

  5. wandering and wondering are parts life dear sometime we stop wandering physically but meanwhile we wish to step inside our souls and understand and resolve the wonders hidden there

    i am sure you will pass this era elegantly and be back in form god bless you

  6. wishing you best of luck for you each step and hope all is going blessed in your wonderful world dear

  7. Hope things are going well. I think a lot of us kind of feel what you've expressed here.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  8. hope and pray that you are under the blessings of God dear .
    have a beautiful life each day


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