December 24, 2016

Sad Day

Sitting by the campfire, as we took over June Lake Resort! What a Joy.
My husband's Uncle passed away in his sleep this morning.

He had been battling cancer for nearly a year.He had just turned 80 and decided to forego to the treatments and live life! And he did.

He was surrounded by loving family as he passed peacefully in his sleep early this morning.

You will be missed Uncle Francis, you will be missed.

We loved you very much.


  1. Sending to good thoughts to you and yours, and to Uncle Francis on his next journey!

    1. Thank you. Very difficult any time but especially hard at Christmas.

  2. Such sad news right before Christmas. It sounds like he led a long, full, well-lived life. And I'm sure his life was a blessing to many, yourselves included.

  3. So sorry to hear your sad news, it is so hard to deal with at this time of year with so many memories of shared times. Thinking of you. Sarah x

  4. My condolences. There's never an easy time to go through a death, but the holidays is especially tough. My husband lost a beloved uncle on Christmas Eve many years ago as well.


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