February 17, 2017





Calling 'uncle' just doesn't work like it did when we were kids. In the old days calling out 'uncle' was short for:

 "Okay you win, you stupid bully, now please stop ________ or give me back my ______!"

There have been plenty of bullies in my life, though I have to admit I have not been the victim of these bullies as much as just witnessed them bully others. Bullies who have said nasty things, done nasty things or are just plain nasty but there is nothing that has kicked-ass more than just plain LIFE! 

Now, don't give me the whole 'life is a blessing' lecture. I see that, I know that, I believe that, but it is also one hell of a hurdle. Today is one of those days I just want to scream 'UNCLE' and climb back under the covers, with a quart of Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia, and quit the 'good fight'!

These blankets need to cover several hectares (or more). I'm not the only one I want to bring under the covers with me.

I want my mom and dad under the covers with me.

My dad is an awesome man, with qualities and values extraordinaire. Life is dealing him a major blow. He was recently diagnosed with Parkinson's. You can see his pain and agony as his robust and self-reliant body slowly turns against him. He's tired and he says 'he's done.'

Mom, at 88, is afraid. Afraid for my dad, afraid for her, probably afraid for her children (because heaven knows what we three 'kids' (in our '60's) might do wrong if she is not here to warn us)! Her body is frail; losing weight every day; her spirit is overwhelmed with anxiety yet her tenacity to be in control is stronger than ever, only adding to her anxiety!

They are both precious. I feel blessed for every day I have with them.

It would be nice if my husband and sister came and took a little respite, too, though they will have to bring their own ice cream (or choice of self-medicating method). They are both very involved with caring for our folks and, probably, just as raw.

There is a dear friend from high school who's famly, after two years of extreme trials and tribulations, have just discovered one of the daughters is ill. I want to make room for them under the covers. (I love you and am thinking of you and your family everyday.)

Then there are the immigrants in our country, whose only sin is wanting a better life for them and their families. Move over, let them in and give them a spoon. Ben & Jerry's for everyone while we take a couple of days off from the weight of it all.

Looks like the blanket just grew.

Part of me, maybe the nicer fraction of me, wants to invite those people who voted for fascism, lies, and hate, and are discovering how wrong they were. Frankly, I don't want you under our blanket. I think you need to witness the consequences of your blind ignorance. (Yeah, I said that!)

Remember the old phrase, "Stop the World, I want to get off"?

Can we just get off for a day or two, gather our strength and come back strong?


Do we need to be raw to persist?

Photo courtesy of http://www.teeturtle.com/products/nevertheless-she-persisted

In all reality, this should say, "NEVERTHELESS, THEY PERSISTED"


  1. You all take a breather and eat your ice cream. You all deserve it.

    1. I say ice cream for all! Then back to Resist! Organize! Mobilize! with Anne Marie in Philly!

  2. May you obtain the Extra Special Magic Container of Cherry Garcia that never empties but refills endlessly!

    1. Now that is something I can handle!❤️

  3. my heart went for your parents while reading about them ,may God bless them with health and peace,amen

    bullies at the beginning part of age seem hard and annoying but later we feel that we could not be better without them though.


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