July 08, 2017

Quick Check In

Wedding went wonderfully. Bride and groom couldn't stop smiling!  The kiss at the end of the ceremony was hilarious because they couldn't hold the grins at bay long enough to smooch.

Their daughter walked away with the bride's shoes and announced to everyone that 'they' (all three of them) were getting married!

Returning to our car after the wedding, we discovered one of our tires was flat.  Low and behold, our little plastic donut spare tire which we have never used was also flat!

Reception activities included: tire changing, trying to locate a tire repair shop on a Sunday after 6:30, not locating a tire repair shop on a Sunday after 6:30, purchasing a tire pump for spare from Auto Zone.

Cole and Frank ended up rotating tires, placing good tire in front and spare in back. Then we drove in the dark through the mountains, dodging 7 dear and a cow, while I prayed and prayed and prayed.

We spent July 4th, swimming and watching movies. We live across the river from the fireworks, so Frank went out back and used the drone to photograph explosions and reflections. I spent the 22 minutes holding our fur babies, Rex and Lily, and singing the Barney song (I Love You) to them.

I now have new tires on car. Another hit to the budget, so again, probably no Massachusetts' trip, BUT my granddaughter, Alaina is arriving from Boston this evening...YAY!

In spite of the little adventure after the wedding, I have to say, July is turning out to be a great month.

All the grandkids have nicknames, Coleman, Pickles, JP, Dippin' Dots, Pinky Marie, etc. Alaina's nickname is 'The CEO' She is the Chief Entertainment Officer. She sings, dances, plays the violin, the piano (by ear) and is a superstar at Snapchat, and her Kung Fu skills are dang frightening!

We are going to have a super time.

Making this my motto for the month:

Have a great month!


  1. alaina is a pretty young woman; have fun! and congrats to the newlyweds!

  2. Very pretty girl. Have fun!

  3. Wonderful thoughts and such lovely photos. Warm greetings to you and best wishes to the newly weds!

  4. Sounds like so much fun...except for the flat! That little one with the grownup shoes...my gosh, so cute! And I love that your granddaughter wears her converse shoes with a dress. So youthful!

  5. Hi Mara - certainly an eventful wedding ... just glad all ended well - enjoy the rest of July and the summer - cheers Hilary

  6. Such an uplifting post! Thank you:)
    Imagining you singling the Barney song, those photos and the promise of a wonderful time with your grand kid--super!
    Wishing you a happy July.

  7. Sorry to hear about those tires. Bummer!

    Congrats to the happy couple!

    Do your grandkids have nicknames for you? Just curious.

    1. Debra, What a good question!

      I've been trying to think of a nickname they might have called me within hearing, can't recall one! I am sure they have a couple they don't use when I can hear, though I do know it is used with love. They do refer to me as an old hippie and a bohemian. They also say I am a little woo-woo because I can see auras, have a little ESP and am very metaphysically minded. They call Frank, 'Gray boy' because of his white hair.

      There are times when I say something and the girls look at each other and say, 'Random!'

      I'm going to have to ask them if they have a name for me other than Nana.

  8. What a hilarious and delightful piece of writing dear !!!
    Happy wedding to amazing couple!

    your adventure of flat tire ended at good as you have new one now .

    Loved these Gorgeous grand kids of your's my friend.CEO sounds a really vibrant child

  9. The food at this place was delicious. The menu options we had at this place were great (it was hard to choose) and one course was better than the next. It was great that wedding venues NYC had different options for those who didn't eat what we served.


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