September 28, 2023

Meet My Pretty Addiction

 Great Day!

I finished re-upholstering my antique rocking chair. I've only wanted to do it for about 20 years! Procrastination baby!!! One of my super powers!

Well, of course, the rocking chair is barely visible!
Just don't look at the bottom!

Two of my granddaughters brought the plate on the table from Italy for me. I love it but mostly I love that they know my style; Bright and Colorful!!!

I took a couple of other photos of some of my plant addiction today. I did dust the leaves today but do not look closely at the hair!

Can you see my didgeridoo on the table? Part of the therapy 
for my lungs! Cool huh!

Meet ZZ on the table. I am in love with this plant. It has such beautiful branches and glossy leaves. The fern (Herna-Ferna) is lower right. She's growing so fast I'm going to have to build her a room of her own!

The top of brick half-wall is filled with Pothos. I may have more Pothos than anyone in the world (just ask The Guy). I have several of my mother's and many, many rooted cuttings. 

Don't tell me I didn't warn you about the overabundance of Pothos. They're everywhere!

Speaking of overabundance; the Purple Heart Wandering Tradescantia is trying to take over the house. 

Several times a month I need to take cuttings of the wandering purple heart and root them in the kitchen. While the cuttings are rooting, I have to take cuttings from them. This photo does not do it justice though. It really is a deep, deep purple!

As I look at these photos I wonder why I took them without picking up the clutter. 

Oh, I know, the clutter is still there because I can always put stuff away tomorrow! Isn't that what tomorrows are for?

More plants? Hell yeah.

Kitchen, family room, bathrooms and entry. Still need to find a place for the Sansevieria I promised myself earlier this week.

Weekend is coming up...any plans?

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