December 05, 2009

Worm Soup!

On those days, when its way too cold to go outside....or way to hot....and we have danced and tea-partied and Phineas-and-Ferb-ed 'til we can't anymore my granddaughters and I like to make worm soup.

Well, actually, they like to make worm soup and I like to shake my head! We get out a couple of bowls, the bigger the better; measuring spoons, measuring cups, some smaller bowls and big (BIG) spoons to stir with. Often the ingredients to our soup is completely know, a bit of lizard lips, bat spit and maybe octopus beaks.

Friday was not one of the imagination days...Alaina was definitely into "the real stuff". So we started with a base of water and milk...lumps okay. Rock salt, dog food, wood shavings, brown sugar rocks....whatever she could find. The soup was a wonderful shade of turquoise which she blames on the milk and several drops of food coloring...5 blue drops, 3 drops of yellow and one drop of red.

Her sister came home from school, rolled up her sleeves and proceeded to not be outdone!

Her concoction was slightly slimier due to the large amounts of last summers sun block (which should never be applied to the skin due to Vit D deficiencies and clogging of pores). I digress.

Jocilyn's soup included crushed peppers, coffee creamer, flour, egg shells and maybe even the egg....could that egg have added to the slime-factor?

Wonderful mess! Warning: the food coloring should be avoided if small child in your care is about to leave with parents for a trip to Santa Cruz.

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