December 05, 2009

Yes, Thanksgiving....there was much of that!

Thanksgiving....yes, there was lots of thanksgiving. Gratitude that we have all survived a year of extreme ups and downs.

My 6 year old granddaughter was hospitalized, my 18 year old grandson rolled his little Subaru and walked away from the accident....God bless Subarus. His step-dad has battled cancer and has had two major surgeries in the past 6 months. Lots of challenges but here we are; a family filled with love and blessings.

This year, thanks to my brother Mike, we have reconnected with family...lots of cousins! We are planning a big reunion next summer of first cousins and our families....but some of us couldn't wait so Mike, my sister Sherree and I gathered at her house with our cousin Brian and his wonderful wife. We hadn't seen him for close to 40 years.....did I say 40? My goodness!

We had such a good time! He really rocks, he has grown into a wonderful, intelligent, talented and involved man. His wife is fantastic, too and we had such a fun weekend reaquainting ourselves. We told stories about when we were little kids, shared some memories of our grandparents and and Aunt and Uncle that have passed.

Front row: Sherree, Brian, Mike
Back Row: Me (Toni), Wendy and Connie (Mike's wife).

We had fun and I honestly can't wait until this summer when all the cousins get together!

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