June 28, 2013

I'm Selfish...

The humidity in our county is uncommonly high and the temperature is 100 and it is only 1:00.

So, if you go outside, it totally feels like living in South Carolina again, which, in the summer, was pretty miserable for me, way back when!

I have a pool in my backyard. This morning, while doing the few chores I have, I was thinking that it would really be nice to call some friends or various family members to invite them to come float with me this afternoon.

Then I was thinking how nice it would be to just float quietly by myself. No splashing, no conversation. A nice glass of ice tea at the side of the pool. No music. Just floating on my back, ears submerged listening to the sweet music that water makes in its stillness.

A solo float won out. I didn't call anyone. I am grabbing a towel, the ice tea and headed out to just be.

I am selfish. I feel guilty but only a tiny bit. Tomorrow is projected to be even hotter, I will share tomorrow...maybe.

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  1. Monday, Temp is supposed to be 110 and humidity 44%. Grab your suit and come on over.


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