October 28, 2014

Cut Paper and Maude WhiteHand-cut

Hand cut paper art by Maude White

I was surfing the World Wide Web this morning....(remember when we really called the Internet the WWW?)...

There are several artists blogs that I follow on a regular basis. They will often refer their readers to other interesting sites. Some sites are storytellers, using prose or poetry.  Some spin their stories through other means.

This morning I was introduced to Maude White. Her work is indescribable! All the paper is hand-cut and one piece.  "Exquisite" does not do the work justice.

After reading her Artist's Statement, she sounds like a friend I haven't met yet. She states that she has always been compelled to see what is underneath things or looking through things.

I have an addiction to the same habits, though my predilection includes looking into the shadows. If you go to her site and study the pictures she has mounted, the shadows will astound you...well, at least they astounded me!

Visit her. I think you will enjoy the trip!

Maude White

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