February 21, 2015

There We Were

Such a beautiful and pleasant dream this morning. I'll wager there was a smile on my face as I slept, though drooling or not drooling is off the table....or pillow.

I woke up (real life) at 2:30 this morning and could not fall back to sleep. There were new paints in my studio, alcohol inks to be exact. I've never worked with these inks on ceramics! They were singing out, "Come play!"

And I did!

There were three sets of beads, crosses and medallions in need of paint; six new bottles of oh-so-delicious inks and one excited artist. Don't forget Rex. He was at my feet urging me on.

It was love. Love. Love. Love. "All you need is love...da ta da da da....all you need is love..."

As I create each bead, I say a corresponding prayer. I caught myself painting, praying and smiling around 4 a.m.  Carrying on for another hour was just about all the joy I could handle at such an early hour. Tightened up the caps, washed the brushes, discovered ink is permanent on skin so I brushed my teeth and hit the pillow.

It could have been moments later, or hours, but the dream came so vivid and luxuriously.

Six women, including me, living in a whimsically painted Victorian house. We all lived on the second story but never really went up the stairs. The stairway was painted in exquisite shades of purple, blue, turquoise, orange, greens and little pops of white. The entire downstairs (open concept) was our studio and we were all artists of one type or another.

The style of clothing was very bohemian and all, but one of us, had hair styles much like the one I saw in the mirror while I had been brushing my teeth. The style may not have a formal name but 'bird's nest' adequately describes it.

One woman had an incredible bun of white, white hair on top of her head and though it swayed to and fro as she painted the piano, remarkably it never let loose its hold.  All of our clothing seemed to match the colors of the walls, furniture and floors. We were a mad bunch of smiling ladies!

We chatted as we painted, drew, wrote, sculpted and danced. Now and then we would burst into song or one of the women would hold up a piece of art and exclaim, "Hey, what do you think of this?"

We would all look up and cheer her on.

At one point, we gathered up some of our art (not the piano), slipped on purple ballet shoes and trotted down the front steps of our lovely porch and headed to another whimsical Victorian house.

It felt like we were going for some kind of Women's Artist Show and Tell. We laughed, we teased each other and walked on the grass but the grass welcomed us....then I could hear the snoring of my three dogs, feel the warmth of my flannel sheets and the muscles in my face...yup, that was a smile!

Opening my eyes, I already missed my gal pals.

Today's plan is to hit the little orange "Publish" button on the top right side of the screen, throw on my most bohemian outfit (that already has paint stains) and take my dream and my stained fingers back to the studio. I think I have a couple of grins left in me!

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