March 06, 2015

What Is Act III

Several people have asked me to explain what I mean when I say I am in the Act III stage of my life. The following is a brief explanation, and as in a typical play pretty much follows a basic pattern.

Act I: The protagonist is introduced, events occur that set action (life) into motion. Act I is all about discovering self, the rules and regulations according to "The World".  It's the time in our life when we explore our space. We are filled with awe and wonder and adventure. Events, culture, education start to define the protagonist. By the way, we are the protagonist in our own lives (hopefully). Self is defined by family, teachers and community/culture.

Act II: Events challenge the protagonist's foundation of beliefs, theories, character. Choices made (poor and good) have consequences. The protagonist questions and examines the bedrock of beliefs, truths, spirituality; self sheds the layers that don't fit, reinforces the layers that feel true to the real essence of one's soul. The self nurtures a personal relationship with God, All There Is; with the Divine, instead of an unquestioning robotic pantomine of what we are taught our relationship should be. The true self is born.

ACT III: Time to share the wisdom without the audaciousness of believing you 'know it all'! Still having much to learn but  willing to stand without the false armor of living in our culture's costume but to stand naked our own truth. We discard ego (some of it, but sadly, not all). Act III is the time of advocacy, championing, crusade without trepidation, without fear of what the 'others make think' or of 'not winning'! No longer looking for external validation. To reach for the stars and dreams without worrying about failure but enjoying the reach for it's own sake. 

Yes, my committal hearing will probably be scheduled soon and that's okay. It might actually prove interesting!  It is good to be rid of (for the most part) the definitions and 'shoulds' of the world and to own my truth. To know who I am through my own examination, not through the rules and regulations of the world.

Act III to me is about expanding horizons, mine and those around me; to touch lives in ways that will make the world a little bit better place, a safer place, to help the people around me to recognize that divine surrounds us.

Act III is pretty damn exciting and I like it!

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