March 25, 2015

Joyful Household

We are a three generation household. Great-grandparents, Great-Aunt, Grandson and his bright-light girlfriend and their precious 9 month old daughter. We also have three dogs, a border collie and two pit bulls and, occasional puppy-visits from Coco and Charlie, two chihuahuas. Now before you pull your hair out and run screaming...relax, it's all good.

We are five pretty happy, mature adults who love, love, love each other. We are incredibly devoted to OUR baby and she knows she is loved! A happier baby you cannot find!

Everyone in the house is experiencing some major life event (or two or three). The environment is supportive, nurturing and exudes a sense of humor that has no match. Adam Sandler, Will Farrell and Kevin Hart would pay us to participate in any given afternoon or evening.

I, honestly, can't tell you that there is not a few f-bombs flying around but those little explosions are  directed towards some miscellaneous aspect of a random 'life event" not each other.

Dinner time is an active, social occasion. Originally, we had planned that each family would be responsible for two dinners per week, and, for the most part, that is still the plan but, as we prepare the food it becomes a little team effort. One of us peeling potatoes, one of us washing the asparagus and several of us adding a little more (pick one), salt....pepper....garlic...seasoning...garlic...salt... and a little more garlic!  Dinners are yummy but the deliciousness is, in part, the love and camaraderie.

I can't imagine going through the 'events' we are going through without the support. My parents are failing in health; grandson is in a medical crisis but glimpsing a little light at the end of the tunnel. Other 'stuff' is tough but our little band of Big Kid Zoo Crew have each other's backs.

We are each other's SIX!  That's a good thing!

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