April 02, 2015

When Does It Stop?

Ever have those periods when life just dumps a huge bucket of 'stuff' on you and no matter how you dodge and duck every single drop hits it's mark?

The lyrics of an Anna Nalick song, Wreck Of The Day, has a line that goes a little like this: "driving away from the wreck of the day....and I'm thinkin' 'bout calling on Jesus."

Those lyrics have been going through my head for about 3 years now. Typically, just before I call on Jesus.

He (Jesus) has been real busy lately and has me on hold. I don't know if you've ever called heaven on a cell or landline but the wait-for-the-next-operator music is extremely tinny and a little on the flat side; must be an early 1900's recording of Amazing Grace. The only words that are clear is the phrase about a 'wretch like me'!

Apparently there is a lot of shit going down for a lot of people. A recording, that I could swear is the voice of Sister Marie Claire, my fifth grade catechism teacher, frequently disrupts the incommodious music to repeat, "We are currently experiencing a high volume of calls, please be patient and an angel will be with be you shortly."

If I get to the pearly gates...which will probably happen before I get off 'hold', I will definitely inquire of St. Peter to define "shortly".

Now is the part where I could list all of the events that have motivated me to make this call to Jesus, but with the "high volume" of calls, it sounds like a bunch of you are probably up to your knees, if not neck, in your own detritus of life.  I'm not sure any of you would be interested in the details. Let's just leave it at 'this sucks' and I'm a little worn out.

If any of you get your call through to Jesus or even his assistant can you relay the message that I'm about done...having to put down my puppies took the last ounce of reserve. I have the energy left for two, maybe three red lights on my drive to Red Bluff to see my parents and possibly the Raisin Bran box being empty...

No More, Can't Do It!

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