April 29, 2015

Numinous Moments

Our little commune is blossoming.

If you drive by the house, you might observe little bubbles of joy popping out of the chimney or escaping from open windows. The laughter is contagious and inspiring.

There seems to be a subtle contest being waged on who can create the tastiest dessert. It started with my husband sneaking into the kitchen one evening after NCIS and baking the absolute best brownies in the world (no, not that kind of brownie!). He mixed peanut butter in the batter and OMG....yummy!

Sadly for me I am trying to stay to juices and low carb/low cholesterol foods so I only had a small piece. I went to bed and prayed with all my might that the brownies would be consumed before morning!

The next night, sister and grandson decided to 'build' a cake that could compete with Tuesday evening's brownies. The conversation between the two was hilarious as they cracked eggs, debated which type of oil to use and which pan to use.  After the batter was spread out in the pan, grandson spot-poured caramel sauce and fudge sauce (leftovers from last weeks sundaes) over the batter. He than swirled the sauces throughout.

After harassing each other about the oven buzzer over and over, the cake was brought out. The great debate, To Frost Warm vs To Cool Before Frosting begin. Short lived as 'To Frost Warm (NOW) won out! Chocolate frosting was added.

Now, I am not a fan of chocolate, although I do make exceptions for Almond Joys. This cake was a hint of what heaven may hold for us. (I promise, God, to be a good girl from here on).

One evening the Food Channel had a 'upside down cake' competition!  Not to be outdone, sister and grandson decided on a peach upside down cake for dessert. Again, the laughter and joking from the kitchen was infectious. The debates and teasing included who is going to break the eggs and possibly if a couple of pieces of egg shell would corrupt the final product. The egg shells were removed.

Great deliberation was conducted regarding the viscosity of the batter! Should it be thinned with a little juice from the can, should 8 pats of butter, 1 more than the recipe called for, ruin or improve the taste. The extra pat was lovingly placed in the pan with the mutual decision that 'rich is better'!

The house was filled with a heavenly scent (still trying to be a good girl, Heavenly Father). 

Again, the great 'that's the buzzer' teasing and their masterpiece was done. Perfection!

But wait! Can upside down cake be served from the pan 'as is' or should it be flipped upside down on a serving platter? (Serving platter! PLATTER! P-L-A-T-T-E-R).

Flipping the cake won out....yes, we are enablers to grandson....get over it!

A platter was not found but a long oval serving bowl was located. This may be an opportune time to advise you, the reader, to not attempt tricky maneuvers while laughing so hard the tears are running down your face and your bladder is chuckling uncontrollably!

1....2....3.....Flip.....Fly....miss the not-platter and land across the counter in many, many pieces followed by hysterical laughter.

Yes! It was consumed and it was delicious!

Next day! Pineapple upside down cake....and that, my friends is a whole other story!

I love our little family! I do have heaven on earth.

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