April 07, 2015

I Love Your Mug

One of my special friends is starting up a new business creating inspirational mugs that hold a substantial amount of liquid and the handle can take three large fingers. Nothing dainty about these cups. Each mug will nourish the spirit, one sip at a time.

Mugs, cups and certain pieces of glassware are very vital instruments of life, a tool for daily rituals. I have several mugs that are favorites, depending on the mood, the weather and the drink, in other words, which ritual is at hand. I am not much of a dainty cup person..hands are big, fingers are long and dainty isn't my forte.

For a cold, winter's afternoon of reading there is my hand-crafted mermaid mug. It is no less than 4 inches across.  It holds a considerable amount of hot ginger-green tea so that refills are few which makes for more pages read under my blanket curled up in my favorite chair. The mug is thick walled so the tea remains hot for chapters and chapters of erudition.

Two of my granddaughter's, Alli and Katie, gave me my next favorite cup. The interior is pink; the handle is striped white and pink. The whimsical font on the sides reads: "Fairy Grandmother. She grants wishes and gives kisses." It is a tall-ish cup, wide diameter but thinner walls. It is great for sitting at the table on a cold morning. I wrap my hands around it and I am warmed from finger tips to  heart. It can be used for coffee or tea, mood can start out in any of my vast dispositions but I always end up feeling blessed.

Another granddaughter, Haley, gave me my next treasured favorite. It is a tall latte mug, also has a striped handle though this one is white and purple (one of Haley's favorite colors). She hand-painted it herself, inside and out; and in my favorite colors (purple being one of them). My favorite part of the cup is that she painted a peace sign on it. Does she know me or what?

We all have auspicious memories that were accompanied by a hot cup of coffee. An early morning discussion with a loved one or spouse (not that a spouse isn't a loved one but you know what I mean!).  Making some big decision or sharing earnest emotions.

Coffee is a very meaningful ritual for most of us. Henning Mankell in his book One Step Behind said it quite succinctly:

"“Police work wouldn't be possible without coffee," Wallander said.
  "No work would be possible without coffee."
  They pondered the importance of coffee in silence.”"

"“Coffee first. Schemes later.”" is how Leanna Hieber states it in her book, Darker Still.

We know, however, that cups and mugs are not for coffee alone. We do need our teas on occasion!

Monty Python always says, "Make tea, not war!"

In Truth and Beauty, Ann Patchett says it best, at least in a way that I can relate to. She states,
"Writing is a job, a talent, but it's also the place to go in your head. It is the imaginary friend you drink your tea with in the afternoon.”

Let's see; coffee; tea, oh, don't forget those cold mornings around the campfire with your big-handled cup filled to the brim with open-fire percolated coffee and Irish Cream. The smell of smoke in your hair and clothes. That's the best.

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