May 28, 2015


Crazy?  " be or not to be..."

There is a car outside, filled with gas. It can get me about 380 miles, depending on traffic and speed.

If I don't pay the mortgage, utilities and insurances I could probably rent a rustic cabin in the mountains for at least 6 weeks. Wait, need my meds, so maybe 5 and a half weeks in the wild. If I take my camping gear I could probably stay easily 3 months.

Three months in a forest with bears, mountain lions and slithery snakes....I'm there!


I.  Download 5 books into my Kindle:
             A. Wilderness Survival Handbook by Mike Pewthere
             B.  Ageless Goddess by Christiane Northrup
             C.  Newest Odd Thomas book by Dean Koontz (better to be afraid of scary spirits than 'lions and tigers and bears').
             D.  Untie The Strong Woman by Clarissa Pinkola Estes ( can never be read too many times)
             E.  Original Blessings by Matthew Fox (again, can't be read enough).

II.  Pack camping gear:
           A. Tent, camp stove, shovel, case of Hundred Acre Vineyard Cabernet, matches and flint (yes, I said flint....I watch Survivor!) Blankets and my favorite pillow.

III.  Essential Toiletries:
            A.  Toilet Paper
            B.  Good Moisterizer
            C.  Large Towel

IV.  Food:
           A.  Grapes, Apples, Pears, Tangerines, Peppered Beef Jerky, Broccoli and a couple of bags of rice (One can learn lots from Survivor, including don't trust any alliances, especially the ones that say, "Trust me" and then shake on it!)

V.  Clothing:
          A. Jeans, t-shirt and tennies for the drive.
          B.  Two pairs of jammies (one for day, one for night)

VI: Lap Top:
        Just so I can work on book while the power lasts and good for squishing crawly things.

II.  Items to be left at home - no question about it:
        A. Cell Phone
        B.  Day Planner and Calender
        C.  Cell Phone
        D. Worries

p.s.  Note to hubby:
                Get an advance and pay mortgage.
                There is a map to campground under the not bring I-Pad.
                Please bring corkscrew, small pot for rice and AA batteries.

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