May 29, 2015

How To....

As I was wandering through Blogville this morning I ran across a riveting series of blogs and posts.

It has me wondering how we have lived this long without these bits of random wisdom.

First title I tripped on,  "HOW TO CRAFT A PARTY PUP OUT OF A CANDY BAR".  Damn if I wasn't just wondering about how to do that.

A mere two blogs later came "LEMON AND ORANGE HEAD HANDKERCHIEF DOLLS"!  I am ashamed to admit that neither my children or grandchildren, nor nieces and nephews have ever received a handkerchief doll from me let alone a wonderful and whimsical lemon headed dolly!

Skipping over to a little blog interestly entitled "LIFE HACKS"! It even promised a printable life-hack! Now that is something I can get into!  (slumped shoulders and heavy sigh)  Turns out it is a a notepad to remind yourself what to pack if you are 'flying' somewhere, anywhere.Though there are several backgrounds to choose from on the printable hack. That makes it exciting....well....maybe not.  The post is "HOW TO PACK A SUITCASE"!


Honestly, I do want to fly away at times but I am not taking anything TECH-ish nor do I need to be reminded! BEAUTY-wise, I always carry a good moisturizer and body butter.

Reading further down that particular blog, I discovered the author (at 24 years old) is appalled that her weight is up to 112 pounds! 

Left Click!

Moving on!

Following chubby- chick's blog on life hacks and her personal morbid obesity crisis was another incredibly deep blog: PAINTED POPSICLE ART.

Sorry, I just can't eat a popsicle that smiles back at me.

I never realized how lucky I am to have THE VIEW FROM THE BRIARPATCH to peruse when my dear friend and author is not working on his book.

BERTRAM'S BLOG is filled with life's ups and downs, losses and gains. (Hi, Pat, I am still reading but may not comment as I should. Hope the renovations are moving along),

Then there is BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION, Cliff Burns' wonderful blog which includes a list of members of the NAA (Neglected Authors Alliance).

I often visit COSMIC VAGABOND. His pages give me the hallucinatory flashbacks that were promised so long ago (which, by the way, I regret to report have not manifested and I demand my money back).

Nathan Brandsford is one of my favorites for hints and advice about the secrets of writing and publishing.

Sadly, I remain sorely deficient in my ability to create puppies from candy bars and handkerchief dolls. I prefer to stick with my own system of tossing 'stuff' in a suitcase and having someone sit on it to zip it shut (hell, it probably isn't going to get to the same airport I do, so who cares!)

I enjoy my little library of favorites and am off to catch up to see what all are up to!

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