December 04, 2015


Okay, I don't get the term "radicalized"!

It's a little like someone is casually trekking down the road when someone in a rusty, beat up, 35 year old Toyota Corolla rolls by and BAMM! A couple blasts from some weapon (ray-gun, blow-dart, cross-bow) and one is radicalized!

Give me a break! Please, media jockies, come up with a word that doesn't sound passive. Going ape-shit crazy radical is a choice. You don't get radicalized by sharing a soda with an extremist. Radicalization doesn't happen because some jihadist sneezed on you.

As long as I am ranting, what about the stupidity of excusing the drunk 19 year old who killed three people because of his 'Affluenza"? Growing up with too much money and too little parental guidance! So he gets 10 years of probation! Really?  If he was a kid without the money for a great attorney, he'd be in jail for 20 years minimum!

"It's not my fault I killed them, I was too rich growing up and my folks bought me the damn truck so it's their fault....can I go now? I don't want to be late for beer pong at my friend's house."

We make up so many stupid 'victim' type words in our culture so no one has to be responsible for their choices or actions.

Radicalized! Affluenza!

OMG, I just got it!  We are in the middle of the zombie apocalypse  and they've eaten most of the brains.



  1. It's all so insane, but we seem to be on the lookout for the the easiest thing to blame: brown-skinned people with accents and poor little rich boys who were given too much.

    1. It is insane. Maybe insanity is in our water!!!

  2. The "Affluenza" case was beyond ridiculous. And I agree that had a kid from the other side of the tracks committed that crime, he would have been put away for a very long time.

  3. I remember that Affluenza case. I was like WTF? ARe you kidding me? But, was the real deal. Craziness. Remember the surfer dudes used to day "radical"? Did they become radicalized?

    1. I don't believe one can become radicalized if the word radical is followed with the noun, "Dude!"

      Affluenza kid was just outed in a video playing beer pong! Looks like he may be serving some jail time...or not!

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