January 13, 2016

Dang Gum

Headed up the canyon today to make a presentation in Mt. Shasta. Snow predicted for Mt. Shasta and area with possible thunder storms on the way back. Possible ice on the road.

Can I stay home?

Great day for staying in with a good chick flick, soup, and a little Emmett's in my coffee. Screw the coffee. Good movie, soup and a nice hefty glass of Emmett's!

So, I just get an email that the person I'm headed up to the land of ice and snow is going to dress up; slacks, nice shirt, sweater and nice shoes! Here I sit in levis, two sweaters and a knit snood cap.

Yes. I'm blogging. It's called thinking, or re-thinking. Our with the jeans and boots. Can't wear brown boots with any of my dress pants except for one pair of tan which are very, very thin for Shasta County summer weather in the 100's.

Thirty-seven minutes to find something which makes me look sharp and won't cause me to bite my tongue off from shivering while making presentation.

This better be worth it!


  1. I'm cold just reading this! Brrrr.

    1. Ended up being a great day. Rain on the way up. Sun broke out during our presentation which was accepted with enthusiasm. Sun shine all the way home shining on the snow clad mountain sides. Gorgeous.

  2. I feel for you! Today was pretty cold here, too. A perfect day to stay indoors.

    1. Thanks, I was pretty anxious but trip ended up being pretty dang nice. I promised myself I would say yes to new experiences and sooooo glad I did. Trip was more than successful and sunshine all the way back home. It was beautiful.

      Got home, watched a movie, snuggled up in jammies. Good day!


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