January 16, 2016

Under The Dust

 A visitor to this blog informed me that the links to 'follow' my blog were missing. What the....
I checked and sure enough, they were gone. Scratching my head, I wondered if maybe I had awakened in the middle of the night in a state of paranoia or maybe an overwhelming desire for anonymity. Could be, I have often not had both oars in the water, if you know what I mean!

While uploading the links, I checked in with a couple of my other blogs...mostly dusted the poor things off.  Now, proving that my elevator doesn't go all the way to the top at times, I have a blog titled "Observations From The Edge".  I do not suffer from multiple personalities but at a workshop many years ago, we were instructed to search for different aspects of our personalities, flesh them out and write about them.  OFTE is the blog that developed from that exercise. I love it but it disturbs my husband to no end, I think it scares the boogers out of him that I might indeed, be On  The Edge!

Anyway....while dusting off and fine tuning a couple of things I realized that on some of my blogs I used the name Adrianne, which is my confirmation name. Again, what was I thinking. I did discover this post which brought back a dream that was so lucid, that I felt myself back in the dream as I read.

I want to share it with Wandering and Wondering.

Observations From The Edge  October 2014

"Wow! What a dream I had this morning. I could feel the texture of the coat I was wearing, the breeze on my face. People's eyes could be read. Interesting selection of people to join me for such a lucid dream, too.

Three, no four, major players in the dream.

One person, who has a habit of "not showing up" was in the dream and, surprise, did not show up!

Person-two, I found her stuffed bunny, gave it back to her. We chatted and danced while we waited for Person-one to not show up. She (Person-two) left on the school bus and took her bunny with her, both seemed very happy to be reunited!

Person-three, was headed to the laundromat, but eyes told me that maybe later.....

Person-four - What are you doing in my dreams? I've never seen you here before; welcome! You look good at the head of the table! Your leadership skills are becoming very impressive!

I was wearing my pretty royal blue coat with the fur collar that I lost 45 years ago. All this time I thought it was stolen but I just left it in the land of dreams. What other items might be waiting there for me to rediscover?  It would be nice if my skate key is there. I don't have the skates anymore but I sure liked that skate key. It would look good on a 30" silver chain surrounded with Kyanite and Iolite beads.

The restaurant where I was having lunch with friends was built with thick redwood beams  and boards. Windows wrapped around three sides of the dining room. I could smell the vegetables roasted in rosemary and the ravioli (I'm pretty sure I brought the ravioli with me from watching Master Chef Canada last night. I could taste it too and all I have to say is "YUM"!)

I do hope my subconscious noted the location of the restaurant; the ambiance was remarkable and the black currant balsamic vinaigrette was literally out-of-this-world! I'm going to start sleeping with a  mason jar just in case I go back.

If I die in my sleep, know that some uptight dream-realm official wouldn't let me transfer dimensions with a mason jar full of salad dressing and I chose to stay with that divine nectar of the gods!

I found a folding laundry basket, returned it to Person-three, returned to the curb to wait!  I looked down the street and knew that Person-one was always going to not-show-up. I unbuttoned my coat, put my hands in my skirt pockets and started walking in the direction of home. I made the choice not to wait but to show up for myself.

The walk felt good, the pace was brisk, even in an elegant pair of heels! I was smiling. The air brushed my face as I walked and as I woke, I could still feel the breeze on my skin and I was still smiling.

Now, if you'll excuse me. My teapot is whistling and I have fresh ginger to peel and chop. The crew is waiting for me by the pool. We are going to repair the net on the pool sweep and draw straws to see who is going to sweep up the mess of crushed sand dollars in the entry, family room and living room floors.

I learned two lessons in the last 24 hours. I can show up for myself." AND

You can build a fence out of steel or iron. It can be twelve feet tall or reach the sky. Signs threatening trespassers can be every six feet or every six inches. Sooner or later though, you are bound to leave the gate open.

What life lessons have you learned lately awake or in a dream?


  1. Thank you for fixing that!
    My latest lesson - to ignore the mean girls and to rejoice in the fact that I have wonderful friends.

    1. Yes! Girls being mean to other girls is as bad and having wonderful friends is good. Does that make sense to anyone but me?

  2. Wow, that was a pretty vivid dream. So detailed. I can't think of single thing I've learned lately. It's been pretty low key lately, which I suppose isn't a bad thing!

    1. I could do with a little "low key"! Maybe your wisdom meter is already pretty high so your 'aha's aren't as loud!

  3. Isn't it amazing the things we can think of in or of our dreams. I have learned that when I can't make a decision on something to just sit tight. It will come to me.

    1. Our subconscious is so much wiser than we are! I find solutions and messages come to me in dreams too.


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