February 04, 2016

Plowing Through

Great blog that I've recently discovered, Plowing Through Life,  is written by Martha.

I just found out that her house is up for sale. Wondering why she is selling, where she is going, what she and her 'most amazing man in the world' are going to do, made me wonder about the rest of us.

Say you were given one period of time (your call) to move somewhere, live in whatever, be whatever and do whatever, what would you choose?

The veins in my head are throbbing because there are so many choices, so many scenarios. So, because it's my game, I get to make a couple of rules.
1.  You have to have the same body you have today....though you can make changes over the time, i.e. lose weight, have a nose job or get bigger boobs...liposuction if you want.
2.  If you are going to a foreign land, let's assume you speak the language (especially if you are going as a CIA spy disguised as the neighborhood librarian).
3.  Hmm, enough rules....let's play!

I would live at the end of this road in West Virginia:
Photo Courtesy of Visit South

My little farm would be in the valley but my little drive way would be just a little longer:

Photo Courtesy of DesignM.Ag

 My garden would be totally organic and weed free (c'mon, this is a fantasy, let me have it weed-free)

Photo Courtesy of Country Living

Now I did say we had to keep our own body, so we're going to have to imagine olive skin, slightly whiter hair, and yes, a little more fluffy (the body, not the hair)! "Larger breasts on the perky side," she said, humbly! p.s. Imagination or not, I would not wear a white top to work in the garden unless it was for a photo-op with Country Living Magazine!

I would have a wonderful art studio, in which I would spend hours and hours of each day with clay, with paint, with stucco and gesso and a fully functional high speed PC to write books and stories to my heart's content:

Photo Courtesy of Picket Fence Art Studio

Each day there would also be time for working in the garden and stalking beautiful views to photograph:

Photo Courtesy....oh, that's mine!

Frank would be retired, so we would have plenty of time to plant, snap shots, read and, uh, some other stuff.

Did I mention that there is a wonderful library in the house, horses in the pasture (of which I would actually ride) and a huge stack of firewood that magically keeps re-stocking itself.

I think I could take about 20 or 30 years of that kind of living.

What would you do? Do you want more action? Want to be a superhero with special powers?


  1. Aw, thanks for the mention! I really appreciate that.

    As for what I'd like... I would love to live in a warmer region (not too warm) near the beach in a small house that is easy to maintain. I'd have a beautiful outdoor garden where I can sit and read and relax and listen to the birds singing. My home would have a photography studio where I'd practice my favourite hobby. There'd be a room for my husband, too, whatever it is he desired, but I imagine he'd want a work area for all his tools, a work bench, etc. Lots of windows, of course, because I want the house flooded with light.

    The home would be located in a quiet area but near the city (a small city) and all the action, so I can go there whenever I so desired. And of course, there would be mountains close by. Beach and mountains. Lovely.

    Or I could also live in the middle of downtown in an apartment on an upper floor (pretty high up) overlooking the city and walking distance to everything, so I wouldn't need to use a car. Yes, I could do that, too. But the small home in a quiet setting near the beach and mountains is my first choice.

    1. Mountains near the ocean, definitely on my list of desires. I can relate.

      Apartment in the middle of downtown....shoot me now!!!

      Prefer the small home somewhere far away from the energy and sounds of the city.

  2. I'd go as I am ... cuz I've grown accustomed to me ... and live in a small village in the wine country of Italy, where the sun is gold and the fields run on forever.

    1. Could I visit? Italy, vineyards, fields....songs to my soul.

    2. Of course. I failed to mention i'd be living in a large rustic villa .....

    3. Of course, how could you imagine any different! Inspired to watch Under The Tuscon Sun today!

  3. Yeah, Martha's great! I'd love to live in countries that I'd like to explore in detail so I could do so with a base there for months or years, however long it would take. So just as a list off the top of my head -- England, Ireland, Iceland, Japan and Switzerland.

    1. Excellent choices! I lived in Japan for about 18 months. I think you would love it. I dream of visiting Ireland, England, Spain and New Zealand.

  4. I like this game, and I think you have made some excellent choices. I think we would have had to move before Kyle started kindergarten because I want him to be able to grow up in the same area if possible. One of the things I wish I could have done but didn't happen because I was a military brat. On the flip side a lot of people would like the area of moving around but it's kind of tough when you are a kid starting all over again every few years. I would enjoy being a screenwriter or perhaps a comedian. Living near Zion National Park sounds kind of nice but so does some parts of Alaska. It's fun to imagine. Thanks for making do that. Take care.

    1. Love Zion! Stayed at the Moose Lodge at the Ponderosa Resort east of the park. It was wonderful.

      I understand about wanting your children to grow up in one place. We had a place with a couple of acres about 10 miles from town. The kids grew up with the same friends all the way through school. We took vacations and camped a lot but the foundation of growing up in the same neighborhood gave them a solid foundation....I think!

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  6. wow how amazing this idea is ,i spent my early twenty years in a house which was on the top of the hill from where i could see the whole village the whole valley surrounded by green lashing hills ,fields and glittering singing stream which curved along the hill and i used to watch sun set and sun rises standing like a statue ,
    i think that location made me poet ,i again want to live some place like my old house on the top of the hill surrounded by green hills breezy and fragrant environment where i can live my both life present and past

    1. I have often seen houses on the top of a hill and thought about their views from up high. A bit of a "king of the mountain" feeling to it. A good place to raise a poet!


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