April 05, 2016

It's Okay Tuesday

Missed last Tuesday's It's Okay and, in keeping with the spirit, I guess that's okay. Check out Airing My Laundry,  to get the gist of Hey, It's Okay.

It's Okay:

That my granddaughter had an allergic reaction that needed the application of her Epi Pen and a trip to the ER. She is doing fine and she is no longer afraid of the Epi Pen, so, if her trusted parents aren't around and she ever needs the Epi, she will not be afraid to use it.  She's going to be a great artist and designer one day!

It's okay to walk into the doctor's office without an appointment and beg to be seen. It works!

It's okay to empty the garage and toss out stuff you haven't thought about for a year.

It's okay to find something you've been looking for, for over a year, while cleaning the garage and bring it back into the house. (It's okay to scowl at handsome husband while doing so! It's okay to quote a presidential candidate and say, "He started it!")

It's okay to be sad for me and happy for my daughter and her family to get great jobs and be moving 3000 miles away.

It's okay that I am totally confused about what awesome scent to use in my new Scentsy warmer. I bought 7 scents and I love each one.  Sedona Sunset won out today.

It's okay that I'm blogging instead of working on the book today, yes it is, yes it is, yes it is!

Have a great day all of you, I think I should go work on the book!

(but first I'm going to do Question of the Month....and then the book....I swear!)


  1. Oh, your granddaughter....I'm so glad it all turned out alright! And you daughter's move...that is definitely bittersweet! I'd feel the same way.

    I laughed at the one about scowling at your husband. Well, if he started it... :)

    1. Poor Frank. He always starts it....even when he doesn't!

  2. Quite a few years ago, my daughter moved to the other side of the country. It was not OK for me. It finally became OK when I saw how she made a happy life for herself and her family. She is where she should be and I am so glad she is living the life she wants. We are all OK now.

    1. My daughter moved to Montana when she was in her early 20's but got tired of dead animal heads everywhere, even in the mall. She drove a big U=haul across country and lived in Brooklyn, worked in NYC for three years. She thrived.

      She moved back here when my dad was ill years ago but has always wanted to get out of dodge. She is now married and has two daughters who need more than this town can offer. It really will be a wonderful adventure for them. I'm happy for them though I will miss them immensely!

      Hard to stand in the way of change!

  3. I'm so glad your granddaughter is okay!

    I need to clean out my garage.

    1. If it wasn't for the sake of one or two more 'things' hidden out there and my Christmas ornaments, I need to blow up my garage!


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