January 04, 2017

Snow Day...not

My husband is a kid. Just a big kid in grownup's clothing who is passionate about the weather.

The 1st of January, the weathermen on channels 7, 12, 24, and 30 promised dropping temps through the night and the possibility of snow early the morning of the 2nd.

Frank, being the weather-nut that he is, has many, many weather instruments throughout the house. He can tell you everything about the weather, today, yesterday, and year-to-date! Rain, humidity, wind (sustained and gusts), barometric temperature, etc.

Expecting snow, every 15 minutes he announces the dropping temperatures. Big smile on his handsome face. Around dusk, he starts checking the sky. Dark but Clear.

6:15: Clear, temperature about 37.

6:35: Clear, temp 36.

6:55: Clear, 36

7:10: Clear, 35

7:20: Clear, 35

7:30:  What? Are those clouds? Oh, no! Clouds were not expected until morning. He paces back and forth. The clouds are going to hold in the warm air (did I tell you it was 35 degrees?).

Back and forth for the next couple of hours. Temperature stable at 35. Clouds, lots and lots of damn clouds!

Arms crossed on his chest and wrinkled forehead, he goes to bed.

Next morning. Sunshine! Only about an hour of sunshine but one would have thought the world was ending. The temperature had risen all the way to 39.

No snow for Frank today.

Clouds rolled in and rain started, a very pathetic rain here at our house yet there were incredible downpours surrounding us. Every 15 to 20 minutes I get a report of what the 'old' rain gauge is measuring and what the new rain gauge is showing and what The Weather Channel says is happening. He is not happy, especially when I tell him there is a Mother Ship just above the house deflecting the rain.

He wants it to snow so bad, you would think he has a sled and boots and button nose and eyes of coal all ready to race out to play with. He hates snow! I want to move and he will not even consider any location that gets snow yet he is passionate about it snowing here. Just once a year. I'm sure he is just  thinking photo op and extremes on his year-to-date reports of his various weather instruments. Maybe it is just the kid in him that grew up in the dessert.

I-5 is closed north of us all the way to the Oregon border. Chains are necessary west and east of us and there is a flood advisory for the area south of us. Right here in our neighborhood, it is partly cloudy, windy and the temperature is 45. Yawn!

Everyone, every place, in the world is getting 'weather' today but us. All these instruments measuring mundane, plebeian, weather.

Luckily, he is married to me! I'm thinking that, while he is at work, I might pour a cup of water into each of his rain gauges and climb up on the roof with a fan and give him a couple of record gusts!


  1. That was a great post! I would GLADLY share our weather with your husband (snow squalls, whiteouts, wind...). He sounds like fun! -Jenn

  2. He is fun, Jen. Just a little neurotic about the weather!

  3. Your husband should reconsider his aversion to long snowy winters and move here to Canada. No one on the face of the earth is as fanatical about all things weather-related as your typical Canadian. He'd fit right in. We LIVE for Weather Channel updates.

  4. I'm trying to convince him to move to Massachusetts! I really have always, always wanted to live in Manitoba. Who knows, maybe Trump will inspire us!


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