June 10, 2017


Sisters, are you tired of being told what we should and shouldn't do, especially when the rules are directly related to our age or weight? Me, too!

It's the hardest when the person who thinks they are the 'boss of me' is a woman who is thirty years younger than I am. It's bad enough that there are a whole lot of rich old white men who want to rule my body, but, women (?), really?

A friend sent me the following link. I think most of you will love it. I concur with her philosophy 100%.

Warning: Curves Ahead

To be honest, I did visit the post referred to in the link above. I was appalled when it advised women over 30 not to wear non-matching socks! Is there any other kind?  I immediately shut it down and refuse to link to such a shallow-minded article.


  1. Why, that's MY style philosophy too!

  2. Hahahaha! I'm so glad I clicked on that link. That is funny! And exactly right.

  3. if ya got it, flaunt it! and SCREW YOU, rich old white GOPrick men!

  4. Well yeah, I don't believe in being waif-like in weight, but I do believe in being a healthy weight, where you can keep heart disease and diabetes at bay. I'm somewhere in between, but DO need to lose a good 30 lbs... ;) Funny link, though!

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