August 01, 2017

Hey, It's Okay Until It Ain't

(Yes, my daughter is the all-time grammar police chief! I am fully aware that the title above might make some jaws grind a little. Good news, my daughter doesn't read my blog, so, unless one of you is a grammar narc, I'm safe!)

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful visit with one of my Massachusetts' granddaughters and all California granddaughters and grandsons. We had a ball. Alaina made her own plans. She tried to max-out with cousins. She gave my parents a beautiful violin recital which included the theme to Pirates of the Caribbean, Vivaldi, and a wonderful bit of fiddling of an Irish drinking song!  Well-rounded repertoire!

We took off to L.A. for 4 days to meet my newest grandson and hang out of with the SoCal granddaughters. Alaina and Alli visited the Dollar Store and returned with $30 worth of cookies, candy and popcorn for movie night!

P.S. to  granddaughters' parents (and concerned readers):  We also ordered real food from Big Red's BBQ, drank lots and lots of water and brushed our teeth before bed!

No longer my hostage, Alaina spent her last day here, with local cousins and a cousin from Santa Cruz. They did some swimming, laughed and ate at Red Robin's.

Papa and I drove her to the airport at 2:00 a.m., hugged her a gazillion times then watched her board the shuttle to her boarding gate (barely visible through the tears).

She arrived home safely. After a day or two of rest, she accompanied her mom and sister to a local Comic Con!

Three days later, we discovered three-quarters of the Dollar Store goodies from L.A. still in a bag on the dresser in the guest room, next to the loaf of San Francisco Sour Dough bread that Papa was sending to our daughter (she complained that she couldn't find it anywhere in Massachusetts).

The bed in Alaina's room was made perfectly, the room in perfect order; pillows fluffed, quilt folded, tables clean.

Other than the semi-full bag of goodies and forgotten bread, there was no sign our granddaughter had even been there.

Hence...more tears.

Today, all is quiet. Grandchildren are living their lives, husband is at work, house is empty.

I guess it's back to swimming naked and reading good books...and since it's Tuesday, Hey It's Okay!


  1. I love the superhero t-shirt! That is very cool.
    Sounds like such a great time with family, especially the grandkids.

    1. It is a cool Superman shirt, one of many, many, many Superman t-shirts and Superman accessories! Superman floor mats in their vehicles, Superman keychains, visor covers, sweatshirts, socks, jackets, caps, walet (uh, no, I think it is a Batman wallet, but high end; leather and distressed brass.

      My grown kids and grandchildren are all self-proclaimed geeks! They are also Marvel, DC and IT geniuses! (said the mama!)

  2. It is so much fun when they visit, but the quiet is deafening when they leave. We get used to it in a day or so and get on with our lives, but the memories linger.f

    1. Definitely made some life-long memories!

  3. A wonderful family time that she and you will remember in the years to come! I hope you cool off. The heat is terrible here, too.

  4. It's always nice when you can see family!

    Ooo I'd love sour dough bread.


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