August 30, 2017


Any of you hear of a blog by the name of  "VseinstrukciiDate"?

My computer has been on the blitz for a couple of days but coming back to Blogger today, I find a gazillion posts from the site on my Reading List. Stranger yet, all the posts are written in Cyrillic alphabet.

Since I didn't choose to follow the site and there is such a huge amount of daily posts from it, I am not going to check it out. I just deleted it from the 'Following' file.

So have any of you had this happen to you?


  1. I turned on an Administration building computer and found someone (a student)
    had changed the language to something Eastern European...

  2. I've certainly had spambots leave numerous dubious comments and I've also had probably Russian clickbots drive up my pageview numbers in ways I don't understand. But I've never (touch wood) had unsubscribed-to content show up in my blog reader.

  3. No, I've not experienced that, but have had quite a lot of Asian spam comments. -Jenn

  4. I have been getting quite a bit of spam lately, and have been using the delete button more than ever. This Internet world has become more and more creepy.

  5. Hope it doesn't happen to me. I would run a mile!!

  6. Not specifically that, but I've learned that if I make my blog NOT searchable, it really minimizes spam/crap like that. Sorry it's happened to you!

    1. Headed to make my blog non-searchable! Thank you.


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