August 06, 2020

Old Friends

The only time I've ever been able to get close to a Giant Blue Heron! Apparently it was just too cold to fly away!
Do you remember the old Wonderful World of Color show on Sunday evening television (dating myself)?

Sometimes it would show an elegant, proud eagle flying in, wings stretched out in regal glide over a frozen lake. Landing appears to be pure perfection until regal eagle slips onto its tush and slides on ice for 15 feet. That's what it's like on Tule Lake!

This one was not so happy after such a humiliating landing!

Don't laugh at them. They get mad and leave!

Assured of less humiliating landing. Eagles are fun to photograph but they're very thin-skinned when it comes to humor.

Maybe if the hawks didn't laugh so loud, the mighty eagles could have a little chuckles now and again at their own expense!


  1. Wow, just amazing - all of them!

    1. Thank you. It was a great weekend! Most of the birds cooperated!

  2. No one enjoys a humiliating landing -- eagle, cat or human!

  3. I just missed a heron today. They move fast and sneaky.

  4. They are fast! We found about 10 of them in a section of Sacramento Wildlife Refuge and those brats moved down the canal as soon as one of us focused a camera. Very Frustraing!


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