August 13, 2020

Romance At 7000'

 Tuesday evening The Guy and I had a romantic date scheduled to watch the sunset at Lassen Park.

We missed the sunset. Romantic Man fell asleep around 4 and didn't wake up until 7. Then there is packing the cameras, tripod, chairs, etc. We left the house about 7:30. 

We didn't actually miss the sunset, it happened all around us while we were driving. No cuddling or smooching but there were a couple of ooh-aah sights.

We got up to the meadow that we wanted to set up for the meteor shower. Frank set up his camera and tripod. I didn't want to take pictures, so I just settled myself in a lawn chair prepared to stare at the sky.

It was awesome. At 7000' we were above smoke layering the valley. The air was crisp and clean. 

Then it got really, really, really dark. 

We were near a small stream and could hear the moving water as it flowed through the rocks and made twists and turns. A couple of deer came to hang out with us. Probably figured that there was less of a chance of being chased by a mountain lion if humans are around. Maybe they figured they could outrun us if a big cat wasn't above chowing down on a of slow clumsy human.

The night was awesome. Between the two of us, we saw at least 28 shooting stars. I ran out of wishes after the 6th one so defaulted to World Peace for the remainder of meteors. 

I couldn't believe how many satellites are flying around up there! Who does the air traffic control? Must be a nightmare!

We cuddled under a blanket...not because it was romantic but because it got cold. Really cold. Almost an hour past midnight, the moon rose above the mountains behind us. Lit up the sky a bit. The Milky Way was incredible and intimidating. We packed up and headed home. Left the park about 1:30, got into town about 2:30 a.m. 

We are not usually doughnut kind of people (I've lost 85 pounds this last year having changed to a keto lifestyle...pastries are not on the menu). As Highway 44 rolls into town there is a 24-hour doughnut shop on the left hand side of the road. We crossed all three lanes, ordered giant apple fritters in the drive-thru and giggled like teenagers as we chomped on forbidden fruit! It was great!

Frank couldn't wait until morning to see his photos, insisting that it was morning! He got some awesome shots and a lot of plain old gorgeous starlight. 

I'm so thankful for They Guy. He makes life an adventure!

We had our eyes checked today. I go back in two weeks to have some measurements taken, then will be scheduled for cataract surgery. I'm not nervous! It's 2020...what could go wrong!

Speaking of doughnuts, we visited our daughter and her family in Massachusetts last year. Some of you east-coasters probably already have this bit of trivia in your head but we discovered that in the great state of MA, directions are given using Dunkin' Donuts (Dunks). "Turn right at the first Dunks, then take the third left after the second Dunks!"

Any of you able to get your hair cut by a professional lately? Frank is starting to go crazy with his bushy curls but he doesn't trust me to trim it!

We're bushy twins! I still need to buy some blouses that fit but as long as we're social-distancing, I'm holding off...maybe I'll lose more!!! (not eating ginormous apple fritters in the wee hours of morning).

Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. Sounds like a great adventure. Love the picture.

  2. Great picture of you guys! I was a barber in the early 70s. I then went back to school for my degree and never really cut hair again except my family and some friends. When the pandemic hit my husband begged me to cut his hair. I bought new clippers, new scissors and away we went. He likes how I do it better than the gorgeous gal who charged him $55 a cut. So now he wants me to continue this even after the pandemic. Drats! Then the neighbor asked where he got the great haircut - damn! So I am now doing hubbys hair. So send your husband over for a cut. I serve beverages while I cut your hair = I hear I'm pretty good. :-) Who knew?

    1. Awesome!He'll be right over!

      It's cool that your husband loves your cut better than a pro's! Validation is always that little bit of extra umph!

  3. Looking great, you two! The last time I tried to watch the Perseid Meteor Shower, I was eaten alive by mosquitoes and had to flee back to my car.

    1. Mosquitoes got us one of the nights (or mornings we were shooting Neowise so we sprayed out selves when we got to Lassen! Ended being too cold for the little buggers.

  4. What a glorious, wonderful night that had to be. I loved that you topped it off with a fritter. Glad you did not have any unwanted company.

    Congratulations on your huge weight loss. I am just trying to maintain with less activity and two refrigerators too close by. I am trying my best, but some days I just need that bowl of ice cream to get me through the next hour.

    You and your hubby should not even think of cutting your hair. You both have magnificent curls; celebrate it!

  5. Actually, that photo of us was taken in March. We;re both much bushier now. I like his curls and waves but he doesn't like the way it busts out of his baseball caps! Silly man!

  6. You bring back childhood memories of the black, black skies of Idaho and Wyoming and that cluster of states when I was a child, and the stars. Oh, the stars!
    If you could transport back to Ohio...I've had my hair cut three or four times since May. And our governor wears a mask.

    1. I was raised in Colorado. One night I looked up at the sky from a spot in the rocky mountains and became scared stiff by how many stars there were in the sky. Then we moved to the bay area in California and saw about 6 stars (probably planets) a year. Sad that so many people, especially children, have no idea how gorgeous the sky is!


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