December 24, 2012

Groceries for Tomorrow

Gonna head in early to shop for groceries for tomorrow. I want to get there while its just us grumpy old ladies. If I wait too long than it will be grumpy old ladies, crying toddlers and PMSing mothers...holy hell, not a good place to be because I  can't drive while taking xanax.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a crazy thing to have.(pun intended)  For years and years I had it under control. I could witness something, an action, or picture or rude gesture and react but be back to normal in a flash of a second.  Since April of this yearmy PTSD has sprouted a life of its own. If I hear a mommy raising her voice to an overly-tired kid or people cutting each other off,  their action seems to reach down into the core of me and the tears flow (or worse).

So, this morning, I am going to bundle up, say a prayer for strength, ask the Holy Spirit to accompany me to Raley's and go get some goodies. Maybe reward myself with a Dutch Bros coffee on the way home.
When you have PTSD you make a list of items to take with you as well as items to purchase. Items to take; Gloves to keep warm, hat to cover bedhead, debit card, oh and an umbrella.  And just in case I meet a Dragon or Unicorn in the rain, I'll take an  extra umbrella for them.

I am thankful today for toothpaste, cold water to drink, the little bit of sunshine shining through the clouds. I am thankful for hot showers, I am thankful for Welbutrin, though it doesn't seem to have reported in for work this morning or yesterday. If an anti-depressant calls in sick shouldn't they have a note from the doctor?

I am thankful for my pretty car, though some ass-hole hit me in one of the parking lots yesterday or the day before.  Just a little light blue paint near the tire well, but still, you could have left a note?  I am thankful that I wasn't in my car when the person hit my car (for me and for them).

I am thankful that the roast I am going to buy is going to be the moistest, tenderest roast in the history of mankind...Help me choose that one Holy Spirit, I mean, as long as you are going with, you could help with a little of the shopping.

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